The Parenting Adventure

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting adventures any human can embark on.

Life with a newborn can be both predictable – feed, sleep, poo, bath – and overwhelming.

Most of us have roughly nine months to prepare for life with a baby – to think about how we will organize our lives, and what kind of parent we want to be.

Yet, many couples still struggle making the big transition and especially wonder how to give new meaning to their role as a partner, as well as a parent.

Life with a newborn can be both predictable – feed, sleep, poo, bath – and overwhelming.

While you are settling into a routine with your baby and getting to know her, you won’t just have no time as a couple, but you may even fight over household tasks, who does night-time parenting, and mundane things like that.

Ahh, babies!

Ahh, babies!


New Fathers and Mothers

New fathers may feel like they can’t help out much with their baby, especially if she is breastfed and seems to spend all her time with mom.

Dads who return to work immediately after the birth may have the expectation that their partner will cook and keep the house clean, something that can be very hard to accomplish with a newborn.

But it might even be hard to take a pee when your tiny baby wants to be held all the time, never mind being a great housewife!

And new moms on maternity leave might feel like their partner doesn’t understand what it is like to be at home with a baby all day long, crave adult conversation, and spending time as a couple.

At the same time, you will probably not have that much opportunity or time to do the deed, or even watch television together!


The Parenting Solution

The key to a smooth transition to parenthood is not necessarily preparation, because it is hard to prepare for what life with a baby will be like.

It is open communication, shared household duties, and taking time to snuggle in bed with your newborn together, perhaps remembering how you first met and what you appreciate about your partner, that are important.

If something is bugging you, don’t internalize and let those feelings eat away with it but discuss it.

There might be a relatively easy solution to the things you are struggling with, and as your baby gets older you will have time to yourselves again. In the meantime, tackle the wonderful albeit sleep-deprived adventure of parenting a newborn together, and enjoy it!

What’s one thing you learned in making the transition?

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