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The Single Dad Question

should you date a single dad
Could you date this?

You meet a cute and smart guy online.

He invited you out for a dinner date and you feel that he meets every criterion on your boyfriend material list, except for one thing:

He is a dad.

If you are not into dating single daddies, then that is a total bummer. It is like the universe just poured cold water on your face for you to wake up from a bad fantasy.

Dating a single dad has its own set of complications.

For one, you do not want to get stuck babysitting your future boyfriend’s kids instead of spending some sexy time with him. Well, if you are the type of girl who snacks on children while they dream, then dating a dad is not for you.

Another complication is that you might feel that you are being pressured to become a part of his family especially when he introduces you to his kids.

Before you ditch your latest date just because he is a father like Darth Vader, there are things you need to consider first before not giving him that chance to give you a real shot at a relationship.

Who knows?

Yes, he has a kid or kids, but should you let that one fact hinder you from having a relationship with him?


Why Should You Consider Dating a Single Dad?

Dating a man who has kids of his own can be challenging, but it can be fulfilling especially when you get to know him and his kids, and you have learned that there are no red flags to dating him.

In addition, dating a single dad has a lot of perks as well, which can prove beneficial for your blooming relationship. Here are some reasons you should date a single dad:

  1. He knows the value of being patient and encouraging.
  2. You get to know early what your own kids will have for a father.
  3. He is emotionally and mentally mature. Most men tend to grow up quickly when they become dads.
  4. Single and young daddies have a wonderful sense of humor.
  5. He looks for a woman with good values and character instead of physical hotness.

Not all single dads are damaged goods.

Yes, they might be single due to divorce or the death of their spouse, but that does not mean they have an enormous pile of emotional baggage that prevents them from becoming a suitable partner for you.

date a special dad
Can you consider dating a special person?

Here are some things you need to check when considering dating a single dad.


His Parenting Style

Admit it or not, one criterion you have on your list for a boyfriend material is the man should have the makings of a responsible father especially if you are the type of woman who sees herself getting married and having her own kids someday.

When dating a single dad, you need to check his parenting style and the way he treats and takes care of his kids. Is he strict? Is he too lenient that he lets his teenage kids smoke weed?

You need to look out for the way he raises his kids because more often than not, the compatibility level you will have with him involves the factor of how your own ideas on how children should be raised match with his parenting style.


The Mother’s Presence

If you are dating a single dad who is divorced yet his ex-wife is an active presence in his kids’ lives, then you need to consider that as well because the chances of you meeting his ex-wife is high.

You and the mom will cross paths often especially when the ex-wife is a very hands-on mom.

You do not need to worry much about this actually especially if you are confident that the guy you are dating no longer harbors any ill-feeling or romantic desire for his ex.

Although you cannot avoid a certain level of tension when you meet her, you still do not need to panic much because most of the time, that feeling of tension and insecurity is only existing in your head.


The Number and Age of the Kids


If you are into babysitting, then you should date a single dad who has an infant or a toddler for a kid.

If you are the type who can deal better with teenage kids, then get a dad whose children are in high school. It is important to consider the number and age of his kids because if ever your relationship turns into marriage, you will become the second mother figure to the kids, whether the mom is dead or alive.

If you think that having more than two kids is something that you cannot handle, then you should back out from the relationship early on instead of disappointing yourself, your lover, and his kids in the future.


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