Dating Online Safety: Don’t End Up with More than You Bargained For

As busy as people are today, it only makes sense to turn to the computer in order to meet new people.

with online dating safety, you need to be careful everywhere

With online dating safety, you need to be careful everywhere

Unfortunately, no dating site performs background checks on its members.

While a site can ask hundreds of questions, there’s no way of guaranteeing that someone is providing truthful answers.

If you’re thinking of looking deep inside your computer for your one true love, do it safely.


1. Protect Your Identity

Studies have shown that Americans spend millions on online dating services each year.

If you are going to count yourself among these people, experts suggest that you protect your identity.

Don’t share any information that would make it easy for someone to find you.

You may even want to go so far as to create a new, free email account to use for your dating profiles.

It may seem paranoid, but savvy computer operators can easily find you with just a tidbit of personal information.


2. Look for Lies

If you start communicating with someone that you meet on a dating site regularly, pay close attention to what they tell you.

People who lie often have difficulty staying consistent over time.

For example, if that hot new guy tells you that his mother is dead and two months later mentions having dinner with his mother, run.

Pay attention to what you’re being told and look for inconsistencies in stories.


3. Look for Warning Signs

Psychotic people can only act normal for so long.

Unless you want to meet Norman Bates face-to-face, keep an eye out for warning signs.

If someone won’t answer your questions, is elusive about their own personal information while trying to get you to talk about your own, uses excessive foul language for no reason, disrespects you or seems to be perpetually cranky, look for someone else.

do you know who you are talking with, online?

do you know who you are talking with, online?


4. Keep it Public

It doesn’t matter if you speak to someone for three days or three years; the first time you meet should be in a public place.

Look for somewhere that is well-lit, has tons of people milling about and is mutually convenient.

Cafes, malls and busy restaurants all make ideal meeting places. Never meet someone in a park unless you want to take the risk of getting dragged into the trees.

Avoid bars, never meet at someone’s home and always drive separately.


5. Keep Your Clothes On

You don’t want an STD. That’s a pretty simple statement, but it’s a true one.

You don’t want your first online date to keep you popping pills for a month or to stick with you for the rest of your life.

No matter how hot, nice, sweet, sexy or smart someone is, keep your clothes on until you get to know them better.

Until you are comfortable enough to talk about STDs with that person, you shouldn’t be considering getting frisky.


It Can Be Safe – Just Be Aware, OK?

Dating online isn’t necessarily dangerous in and of itself.

What makes it dangerous is losing your head and behaving in ways that you wouldn’t otherwise. If you are planning on meeting the parent of your future children online, you’ve got to do it with some common sense.

Follow the tips above and you’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll come out of your date with your health and life intact.


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