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Do You Want More Self Confidence?

Do you want a self-confidence booster for yourself?

Is the only thing missing from your life a little bit of confidence to propel you forward?

Well, the great thing is that this can be changed.

There is no need to sit there wondering ‘what if’ because the answer is just around the corner.

Anxiety can be a frustrating thing.

It means that you know all the things you want and needs to do but you just can’t bring yourself to do them.

Not only can this hold you back in many aspects of your life such as work and relationships, but it can also lead to illnesses such as depression which can be very damaging to a person’s life.

self confidence has many attributes
Self-confidence has many attributes


Don’t just wait for it to change though; take control over your self-confidence issues and give some of these a go today:

Consciously Focus On The Positives

When self-confidence is an issue, we tend to subconsciously think about all the negative parts of life.

In our heads, we will list all the things that we want and then give ourselves twenty different reasons as to why we can’t have them.

To change this you should make a conscious effort to list all the good things that happen in your day and all the things you are thankful for.

Let me repeat that:

We often forget these when confidence is low and so focussing on them will remind you of all the positives and give you a lift.


Learn To Accept Compliments

You may think that you are being humble by refusing to acknowledge the compliments that people send your way but this is often a sign that your self-confidence is low.

If you start to accept these niceties, however hard it might seem, you will begin to feel better about yourself and notice all the good things that other people are picking up on.



Hypnosis may seem like a drastic measure to take but it is nowhere near as invasive as you may think and can be very effective.

Hypnotherapy for self-confidence will address the issues in your subconscious meaning that you will be able to identify them and resolve them easier.

You will learn breathing exercises to relax you and remove the anxiety as well as visualization techniques that will lead you to behave more confidently.


Hypnotherapy for self-confidence is a very powerful way of removing your negative thoughts and feelings and helping you to focus on the positives.


Help Others

The warm feeling that you get when you help someone with a problem or just simply be there for them to talk to will improve your own well-being and help you to see your worth to other people.

You may also find yourself giving advice that involves things that you wouldn’t have the confidence to do and so it could make you see that you know you should be doing it and so there’s nothing to lose.


Maintain Your Self-Image

When confidence begins to fade one of the first things that can suffer is your personal image.

You may begin to lose pride in your appearance and stop doing all the things that you normally would that make you feel good about yourself.

This could be dressing smartly, buying new clothes, wearing make-up for women or shaving for men. In order to get your confidence back on track, you should regain the pride you had in your appearance and make yourself feel good again.

You could even go out and buy that dress or those shoes that you’ve always wanted to really put a smile on your face.


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Chris Mayhew has struggled with self-confidence in the past and explored the idea of hypnosis to solve this. He is working for Fix My Mind who provide solutions to a variety of issues including hypnotherapy for self-confidence, phobias and anxiety.

Christopher Mayhew – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

11 thoughts on “5 Great Ways To Increase Your Self Confidence”
  1. Self confidence is all about believing in oneself and perceiving things the way they are. I am usually a person who faces a dearth when it comes to self confidence. To do away with this, I started believing in myself that I am capable of doing nearly everything or at least I am capable of giving them a try. A flood of positive thoughts in mind gives me strength and confidence to live on my own terms. Self confidence is learning from your mistakes and making sure to never give up. Thanks.

    1. Believing in yourself is usually the most difficult for most people, Aayna, isn’t it?
      We’re bombarded with self-doubt issues. Learning from my own mistakes and looking at them as learning instead of failures was a big Ah-hah monet, for my many years ago.
      How about yourself?

  2. Self confidence comes with a strong belief in yourself and in maintaining your own image and holding your own voice. Do not let others outweigh you; always believe that you are better but do not overdo it that you become over-confident. Stay realistic and always remember your brighter side. Great share.

  3. Believing that you can do what others can and that you have the right to exist just like everybody else is important. Every time I feel ashamed, I would think of myself as the same as others; human and with purpose, and then I can go on and do what I ought to do. :)

    1. I often tell my business coaching clients a similar thing, Emilia. We should never look at someone else as superior or inferior – just as a different human being with different levels of expertise than you. Puts a new light on yourself.

    1. Glad you found some helpful information, Joy.
      But do come back and definitely tell me what was the most insight bit of info for you though.

  4. Hello Chris,

    How are you? You really have a brilliant idea about how to increase self confidence and and I love reading it and it is very interesting to me.

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