You know negatives come in waves - there’s a reason for that.

You know, gratitude is a magical thing.

It’s humbling.

It puts things into a greater perspective and allows you to gain expansive clarity on the positives in your life – as opposed to dwelling on the negatives.

We all have these undeveloped negatives in our lives but what do they earn you – bugger all, that’s what.

the foundations of gratitude

Some foundational elements of Gratitude


Gratitude Is Significant But ….

Life sometimes just gets in the way of things.

Often, you’re inundated with negatives. You probably remember negatives seem to come in waves too – there’s a reason for that.

Frustration, impatience, annoyance, anger – I’m sure you can think of more to add.


Positive vs Negative

We’re great believers in an optimistic and buoyant mindset, yet it’s a constant battle for me as well.

I’m human, just like you.

I get frustrated, just like you and I have negative thoughts, just like you.

I prefer to breathe in a positive mindset and balance, as I’m sure you do. Things get in the way and my attitude changes, without me, really realizing it.

I live to make my second wife happy, myself untroubled and my family delighted. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out and that’s OK too – we’re all humans. That’s one valuable takeaway – allow for errors in judgment and be at peace in knowing you can (and will) achieve better results, the more you practice.

But …. we also need to look for ways to keep ourselves on track and in check.


The Trick To Keep You On Track

gratitude stones can come in all shapes and sizes

Gratitude stones can come in all shapes and sizes
Just get one to anchor your gratitude

This might sound simplistic. It works.

The human brain operates constantly on triggers and habitual beliefs.

Here’s the trigger I want you to start using. Use it on a daily basis.

  1. Go grab a shiny stone – personalize it if you want but it needs to be yours
  2. Keep it by your bedside, in a place that you’ll always see when you first awaken
  3. Every morning, when you see your gratitude stone, give gratitude to what you’re thankful for
    • Just start with 2 things for the first few weeks
    • Add a new area that you’re grateful for each fortnight
    • I’d suggest you might be best to level out at no more than 10 items as your head may well explode – when it becomes difficult to think and remember, that can be enough for the habit to cease so we want to avoid that happening



Try These Examples For A Start

  1. Thank you, I’m grateful to have good health
  2. I’m so incredibly grateful for a partner who loves me for who I am
  3. I couldn’t be happier knowing my beautiful wife wants to make me happy and contended
  4. I’m grateful in having great friends who I can trust and rely on
  5. ….. There are so many small, medium and large things you know you are grateful for. Get cracking on your own list.


Here’s Why You’ll Get Gratitude

the power of gratitude

Gratitude can power your life to greater heights
Make it part of your life

On a personal level, greater positive reinforcement just makes you happy.

Personal happiness radiates as a smile does.

You’ll generally find, when you’re exuding happiness, the people around you will unconsciously respond the same. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, those happiness waves will have a domino effect and come back to increase your own levels of happiness.

Can you see where this might help your relationship?

As a couple, your partner will see visible changes in your well-being.

  • They’ll be far more receptive to conversation.
  • You’ll both start feeding off each other’s joy, in an ever-increasing spiral
  • More harmony in the home
  • An environment worthy of two loving soul-mates


Train The Gratitude Brain

It’s a matter of continually and subtlety retraining your brain to seek what you want.

How’s Your Gratitude Going?

Here's my own bedside gratitude stone

Here’s my own bedside gratitude stone

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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