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Travel Tips for Dating Couples

So, you and your partner have been dating for a while, huh?

The romance is good, and both of you enjoy spending long periods of time together.

But you begin to get bored of your weekend routine so you decide to turn up the heat with a big step – your first vacation together.

add sizzle to your current relationship
Time to add some sizzle

First-time couple trips can be exciting and can add sizzle to your current relationship. However, in some cases, it can also be a disaster you hoped you never pursued.

After all, just because you get along so well at home doesn’t mean that your first trip together will be as enjoyable.

So before booking a trip, here are a few things to keep in mind for a smooth sailing vacation.


Discuss Expectations.

Avoid assuming what your partner wants out of the vacation.

Your idea of a perfect vacation might be different from your partner’s idea.

You might want to go diving, snorkeling, or shopping, while your partner wants to stay at the hotel room, sip champagne until dozing off.

Before heading out, talk about your getaway objectives and make sure you’re on the same page.

Discuss the things you would want to forget about, what to accomplish, and how to accomplish them.

This way, there will be something for the both of you.


Keep Plans Simple.

Your first trip as a couple is about getting to know each other.

simple serene quiet so you can talk together
Simple, serene, and quiet so you can talk and get to know each other.

When making plans, stick to activities that do not involve so much time and effort.

Instead, pick a neutral destination and laid-back activities so that you can have spare time to talk, relax, and know more about each other.

Save the mountain climb or hike across the desert for another time.

Believe me, you wouldn’t like to have those on your first.


Talk Finances.

Is it your treat?

Or your partner’s?

Going on vacation involves a lot of expenses.

Before leaving, you must be clear on dividing the cost of the trip. If you want to take some pressure off, one option is going for an all-inclusive resort or cruise.

You won’t need to argue about the cost of dinners and accommodations because everything is paid upfront.


Pack Light.

Ladies, especially.

ladies should pack light
Yeah, what she said :)

You wouldn’t want your man risking a back injury because of your heavy luggage, right?

On your first trip together, don’t insist on bringing anything as heavy as dumbbells – even if you enjoy the sight of him flexing his muscles.

Pack light and appropriately.

Don’t pack four bags for a weekend getaway.

Bring enough set of clothes and leave the rest (daily toning gear, hair appliances, bulky gadgets) at home.


Be Flexible.

There will definitely be romantic and awesome moments during the trip, but don’t expect it to go smoothly all the way.

Naturally, things will somehow go wrong on your first-time vacation.

Flight delays, missed connections, weather problems – these are only a few of the possible reasons that can put you in a bad mood. But instead of tearing your hair off at every bump in the road, be flexible instead.

Being able to go with the flow is a great part of going on a trip with your partner.


Spontaneity Is a Plus.

There isn’t any need for rigid itineraries.

Keep your options open and learn to let go.

You can always decide to stay a little longer in bed, detour to some romantic villa, or have a bit more wine than you usually do. Don’t expect to see every single attraction you planned to go to.

Instead, stop worrying and get excited!

Vacations are supposed to be fun, not stressful.

Most importantly, try to relax and have a good time!

After all, your first vacation is one of the many adventures you and your loved one will most likely remember.


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2 thoughts on “Planning Your First Vacation As a Dating Couple”
  1. Great tips for getting your first couples vacay going and great way to learn more about each other .

    I remember the first one I took with my now husband. We went to Costa Rica and yes, we did alot of initial planning with finances and researching where we would go and what to do beforehand. I think that was part of what made that first trip so successful but, still leaving some room for the spontaneous too.

    1. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the site, Jill.
      What made you choose Costa Rica as a first time destination? Just curious as Pam and I are always interested in new places and this sounds interesting. What did you find were the highlights, for the two of you?

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