18 03, 2011
  • what is your important healthy relationship person

Who’s Most Important In Your Life?

March 18th, 2011|2 Comments

If you're in a relationship, the whole reason for being is ensuring your partner lives in your world with total comfort and safety. Why them though?

12 03, 2011
  • balance comes from expectations, needs and promises

There’s Always a Better Level of Balance

March 12th, 2011|1 Comment

If it's balanced, how can it be unbalanced? Well, a relationship is around two people. Both should have their own individual balance as well as contributing to the overall balance and harmony of the relationship. That's where the unbalanced balance comes in.

12 10, 2010
  • Life has many forms of balance - just look at men and women

Imbalance to Balance

October 12th, 2010|3 Comments

Learn from the gift of balance, providing we're open. Healthy relationships are about balance and I'll tell you how.