Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What Ya Gonna Do?

Woman the world over continually get duped by guys … bad Bad Boys.

These assholes prey on ladies looking for all ‘their’ right things in a relationship. But the thing is, these women aren’t looking in the right places for the right type of guys.

There’s lots of men who want much of the same excitement, the adventure, the sharing, the giving, the love and the life.

Princess Leia and Bad Boy Han Solo finally together

Looks ideal, doesn’t it?
That’s what Bad Boys want you to think


Learn from the Han Solo / Princess Leia Lesson

At the end of Star Wars Episode VI, we all breathed a sigh of relief when Princess Leia and Han Solo finally got together,

Let’s face it, Han has that gruff and dangerous charisma that the boys idolised and the girls swooned after.

He just oozed sexuality where ever he was – that’s probably the first warning bell, for the ladies, that he can’t be trusted when there are other women around.


One – We Met the Bad Boy Hanging Out In A Bar With His Mates

Well, here’s your first clue – his regular hang-out involves consuming booze with other guys and the place has a smell of subtle danger.

Han Solo must be an exciting man to be with, huh?

His Priorities: They don’t include you.


Two – Only Interested In What He Could Get

bad ass Han Solo

Strong, rugged and handsome.
He’s also sizing you up as a meal ticket too

First of all, Han Solo sees you as a meal ticket. You represented another way to fund his lifestyle and for him getting from one day to the next. You’re viewed as simply cargo … just another bank account he can make a withdrawal from. His interest isn’t in knowing who you are but what you represent … to him. Funding.

Notice he strings you along? You probably think he’s interested in you, don’t you?

He isn’t.


Three – When On A Good Thing, Stick To It And Reap Own Rewards

There’s a vast difference in a guy wanting to be with you for who you are and a guy wanting to be with you for what you have.

Learning the difference will save your heart, in the long run. It’ll also save your bank balance, as well.

The Bad Boy is a con-artist. He’s adept in spotting a woman who’s a strong mother figure.

A woman looking for someone to look after and one who thinks she can nurture and change.

There’s lots of women out there, just ready for a Bad Boy to step into their lives and ‘think’ these guys are lost souls in need of rescuing.


Four – He Loves Danger & Women Find That (Unfortunately) Irresistible

The thrill of new adventures, spice and excitement is often difficult to resist for someone looking for that special someone to fill a void in their lives.

No-one wants to settle for boredom, in life. Woman are no different. Get an adventurous guy and have some fun.

And there’s a Bad Boy out there just waiting for you to cross his path.

But don’t confuse a Bad Boy’s reckless lifestyle with a guy who’s got a combination of stability and a willingness to have an adventure WITH you. One is in it for himself while the other wants adventure to be shared with a wonderful woman.

Much like females often complain that men are superficial by judging on looks alone, women are the same – probably because we’re all human beings.

The best guys are more than skin deep – start understanding the same principle yourself and don’t be lured at the sight of Han Solo’s leather gun holster.



The world watched the end of the original Star Wars, with much rejoicing – well, those of us who’ll admit it out loud did anyway.

Han and Leia got their game on, finally. It remains to be seen though as to what happens to them once they leave the big parade and look to settle down, into normality.

My bet is Han will sink back to his bad boy ways – he’s got far too much history of gun-totting and mixing with the wrong sorts.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • Ever been with a Bad Boy or even know someone who has?
  • Do you think there are obvious warning signs so others can avoid them?
  • What’s one bit of advice you’d give a lady who’s hooked up with a Bad Boy?

And thanks for reading too – I’ll see you in the comments.

Top 4 Reasons Han Solo Suffered Bad Boy Syndrome 1

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