medications can cause sexual problems

Sexual Health Can Be Hindered By Other Issues

We all assume the same thing; as we age, sexual activity reduces and our sex life deteriorates.

Even though there’s truth to that statement the level of deterioration is the important question.

Reduction of sexual activity can be caused not only by age but by various medical conditions. In other words; it is not necessarily so. There might be more life left if we address those medical problems.

A study done by the University of Chicago’s National Social Life, Health and Aging Project which was published in The New England Journal of Medicine in august 2007, found that among a group of people aged 57 to 85, only 38% of men and 22% of women have discussed their sex life with their physician, since the turned 50.

Sexual problems usually don’t develop by themselves. It might be a sign of other underlining problems like peripheral vascular diseases, and talking about it with the doctor can lead to an early diagnosis and treatment that will not only solve the sexual problems, but might save lives.


Here are 6 health issues that can probably hinder your sex life:


While it is well known that some prescription anti-depressants can have sexual side effects like loss of libido, it is not as well known the diuretics which are prescribed for high blood pressure and heart condition can cause erectile dysfunction.

There is a way to fix the problem by adjusting the medication or adding another one that will correct the sexual deterioration.



High levels of stress or juggling many responsibilities can put the kibosh on the libido of men and women.

Being constantly stressed and overworked causes one to lose interest and be constantly tired.

Researchers found that this phenomenon impacts women more than it does men.



Depression, without being treated with medication, can cause sexual apathy.

Decreased libido and complaint of about lack of pleasure are sometimes signs of depression that doesn’t manifest itself in other areas.



too much wine makes bad lovers
Unfortunately for TheGeek, too much wine can affect your sex life

As we age our tolerance to additives changes, especially alcohol.

While one drink might get you in the mood, getting drunk doesn’t help sexual performance.

What you could do in your 20’s is not what you can do in your 50’s.


Menopause / Andropause

As women age, at around 50, they go through a change in the hormonal balance of their body.

This period, called menopause, brings with it mood swings, hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

Sexual activity is not as pleasurable anymore and can actually cause pain.

This can be corrected with hormone supplements, hormonal creams or lubricants. When this physical element is solved, sex becomes pleasurable again.

For men, as they age, they produce less testosterone which can lower their libido.

This also can be corrected with shots, patches and gels.


Arthritis Or Back Pain

If you suffer from joint or back pain, sexual activity can be painful and avoided.

There are ways to combat this problem as well, by finding less painful positions and building a massage into the foreplay that will loosen the joints.


In Closing

Not all sexual dysfunctions are caused by underlining diseases or conditions but some of them are. Before you close the book on your sex life, talk with your physician about it.

He/she might be able to recommend ways to get some of it back.


Over To Your Thoughts Now

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • Which ones of these has had an adverse affect on your sex life?
  • Do you really think depression or stress will help or hinder?
  • What’s one thing you’ve changed in your life to improve low sexual activity?
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4 thoughts on “6 Health Issues That Can Hinder Your Sex Life”
  1. Hey Krisca,
    Through this post you have touched a very significant issue that a lot of couples are facing in today’s scenario. Some of my friends are facing this trauma of having a boring or a negligible sexual life. The fast paced life is responsible for people taking more interest in their work rather than in their life. The reasons you have mentioned in this post are true. In my opinion, the people are highly stressed these days, one or the other tension keeps going in their head and this indeed leads to a bad sex life. Thanks for highlighting these issues.

    1. What’s the best take-away from this post, for me anyway, was your last line, Aayna.

      The stress of life leads to a bad sex life …. and where does a bad sex life lead to? A deteriorating relationship that no-one will enjoy. That leads to ……..

  2. Informative post, Krisca! I agree with you that these health issues can really hinder one’s sex life. I think the issue of depression is much more rampant in the United States than in any other country. Most couples I know usually have a “boring” sexual life due to stress (the need to work more to earn more, financial problems, taking care of children, etc).

    1. You’ve raised an interesting point of view, Felicia and co-incidentally, we’ve got a Guest Post coming up that tackles this very challenge.

      From your perspective though, what are the other couples doing to invigorate their sex lives, even when stress is involved?

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