“Loving someone is giving them the power to hurt you, and trusting them not to!”

I actually read that on someone’s Twitter profile and it simply grabbed me at my heart.

Such a powerful statement of truth for what love between two people actually means.

You’ve heard the saying of ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’?

Well, Love enriches and absolute love enriches absolutely. It’s a journey and lifestyle traveled between and shared by two people.

Please do check back on a recent post I wrote ‘What is Love’ and you’ll get an understanding why I loved the above quote.


To recap though

man and woman need love to survive-1

Ultimately, man and woman need love to survive our journey on Earth

Unconditional love is simply that – there’s no length to the extent you’ll travel with that other person as they’re simply perfect.

You’ve given over totally to who they are, they hold your happiness, well being and, dare I say it, soul in their hands.

That’s an awful lot of power to have over another.

When there’s ‘true’ love in that equation though, there’s also the balance of unconditional trust.


Trust For Two

And what does that mean though?

For many of us, we’ve traveled this road alone, without that significant other.

Now you’ve found the unconditional love of another and you’re now a team.

A powerful team of two.

Facing whatever adversity with the might of two, no longer alone in the dark.

Sharing the experience of learning of two, no longer alone in confusion.

Supporting each other’s strengths and weaknesses, no longer alone, afraid to pick yourself up. Immersed in abundant joy with the fun of two playthings, no longer with a lonely smile.

Absolute and unconditional trust is the glue binding the nuances of unconditional love.


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When Trust Becomes the Glue for Love 1

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