Dating Can Be Cheap AND Awesome

End the date with a cheap McDonalds – just for the comedy value.

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive, and during this economic climate you can still make magic happen even with the smallest of budgets!

We’ve put together an awesome list of 5 amazing dates, that won’t cost you a penny but will still leave that special someone feeling special.


Date 1: Find a Quirky Outdoor Market

Whether you find a cute art market or a traders market, or whether you’d rather take a visit to a food market or farmers market, just taking a stroll around this kind of shopping experience is something different and fun for both of you.

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You really can experience romance as well as adventure in the vibrance of an outdoor market

The best thing about these kinds of markets too is that they often give out free samples – so you might even be able to fill up on lunch for free too!


Date 2: Visit a Local Tourist Attraction

If you live in a big city, take her to an art gallery or museum.

In cities such as London and Manchester, most major ones are free admission – so this is a great way to inject a bit of culture into a date for free.

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Have you ever wondered about the engaging and interesting chats you’re going to have at an Art Gallery?

If you’re not really the arty type – head in anyway and see who can sound the smartest as you look around.


Date 3: Take a Trip to Ikea

So you’ve seen 500 days of Summer right?

Every girl fell in love with the Ikea scene, so show some thought and add a little romance by doing the same.

A walk around Ikea is always fun and it’s such a quirky, cute memory to look back on too.

You could always treat yourselves to some Swedish meatballs halfway around too!


Date 4: Go on a Long Walk (or a Long Drive)

Just set off somewhere together with the intention of getting lost.

You can go anywhere, just set off.

Doing something spontaneous like this is so fun as you don’t know where you’ll end up or what you’ll see.

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They can be romantic, seductive, revealing, silent, happy, and great exercise too.
Isn’t that great for a blossoming relationship?

Maybe only one of you is allowed to look at the map?

Make it as fun and quirky as you can.


Date 5: Go Window Shopping

Head to the most expensive shop you can possibly find (Harrods, anyone?) and put on your poshest clothes and waltz in there pretending to have all the money in the world.

Sometimes it’s fun just to pretend and you can escape into another world just for a day.

End the date with a cheap McDonalds – just for the comedy value.


What’s Your Suggestion?

That’s Five – What’s Another One You’ve Done?

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