5 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Like

Every relationship has its ups and downs from time to time.

Lying is certainly not a good way to build the foundations for a long term relationship

But if you want to forge a successful relationship you should be aware of all the things men do that women aren’t keen on.

Some of these might be obvious but others might come as a surprise.

Many of these are things you probably know already, but it’s easy to forget to do what you know you should sometimes isn’t it?



Being economical with the truth is sometimes forgivable, for example, if you are hiding the fact that you’ve bought her something amazing for Christmas and you evade certain questions to keep the surprise under wraps.

But outright lying is definitely not good in any situation and it doesn’t foster honesty.

It might keep you out of trouble for now, but it is certainly not a good way to build the foundations for a long-term relationship, and the longer you do it the bigger the burden gets.

Don't lie to the one that loves you

Don’t lie to the one that loves you



Are you messy?

If you are and you’re in a relationship the chances are good that it will drive your partner mad.

Try and tidy yourself and your habits up a bit and see how much happier it’ll make her!

You don’t have to completely change who you are, but at least be aware of yourself and show her that you are making an effort, it will be appreciated.


Inability to communicate

Communication is incredibly important to a woman – and to the success of your relationship.

If you don’t communicate on a regular basis how do you know if she is happy or not?


Being too submissive

You don’t have to be a hero every minute of the day, but don’t be submissive either.

If the woman feels like she is the one making all the decisions all the time, your relationship could be in trouble.

Meekly agreeing to everything without putting your point of view across isn’t the best way to proceed for either of you.


Inability to listen

Hey, what was that?

Not listening to anything your partner says constitutes disinterest in the relationship.

If you are guilty of not listening don’t be too surprised if your relationship runs onto the rocks in the near future.

Listen, pay attention and understand your partner in more depth – you might be surprised at how good it feels to do this.

If you find it hard to be interested you should probably question why you are even in this relationship..?



Most men will be guilty of at least one of these five misdemeanors at some point, perfection doesn’t exist and probably wouldn’t be good if it did.

I know that I have exhibited many of these traits at least once or twice.

But even if you recognize yourself in the points above, don’t worry. You can start changing things right now and investing more time and effort into your relationship.

If you really love the woman you’re with, it shouldn’t be too difficult to start employing better habits.

Be bold, be honest, be communicative, don’t shy away from being brave, and clear up that mess.

You’ll be glad you did.


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