Funny the interesting conversations you can have when out driving.

My wife Pamela Allen and I were out and about and chatting about different people as well as their various relationships.

its easier to buy a house than a partner

We put more effort into choosing a home than a life-time partner

When Pamela mentioned a few unattached people that were actually looking for ‘someone in their life’, I suggested that for most people, it was actually far easier to find the ideal residential home than it was to find a partner.


Why Is this?

Think about it for a sec.

You won’t get anyone successful as you’ve failed to determine what makes up ‘successful’ in your head.

When you’re in the market for a home, what do you do?

You actually write out a pretty conprehensive list of wants and don’t-wants. Your’e going to be in that home for a long while and you definitely want to make sure it fulfills your requirements.

Be it close to public transport, shops, local clubs, whatever.

Your buying radar is suddenly alerted and reacts whenever you’re reading the paper about housing, driving around and see a For Sale sign – you know the drill.


So What About A Life Partner?

So you’re unattached and, like most people, would love to have someone in your life that you can deeply love and be deeply loved.

How do we find that person?

Mostly by pure accident, visiting all the wrong places and winding up dating people who you’ve dated before (in character or behaviour).

Even to the point of ending up in a relationship where they treat you like previous partners.


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

There are very few people who treat finding their ideal lover / partner in the same way as buying a home.

If you have no real idea of who you want, how do you expect your ‘lover radar’ to get switched on and alert?

Sure you might have it in your head that you want someone who’s successful and good looking  and, for the most part, that’s about as far as anyone gets.

Really vague and undefined.

And all you’ll end up getting is the same as in your past, for the most part. You won’t get anyone successful as you’ve failed to determine what makes up ‘successful’ in your head.

You won’t get ‘good looking’ as you’ve failed to tabulate your own viewpoint and criteria of ‘good looking’ – your real thoughts could be widely different to your friends’ views.


Now It’s Your Turn:

Do you find you meet the same type of people who you’d rather not?

Any tips on meeting the right people?

Agree or disagree with this post?

Want to know more in clarifying who you want to meet?


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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