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Lonely? Do something about it then!
Lonely? Do something about it then!

So you married the love of your life and you’re off into your happily ever after.

Then, why are you inexplicably lonely?

Most newlywed couples experience a feeling of depression, anxiety, and boredom right after the wedding.

This is also known as the post-wedding blues.

After all the busy days of preparations and the excitement of throwing a big party, it is usual – for brides especially – to feel that their days are longer and their schedules are emptier.

Post-wedding blues are real.

I’ve personally seen a lot of newlywed brides go through it.

The best thing to do about it is to acknowledge it and become involved in these activities to get over it.


Have a dialogue with your spouse

Your emotions affect that of your spouse.

When you are feeling lonely or uncertain or simply feeling bored, it affects how you interact with each other.

Coming out with your feelings can help your spouse understand your reactions and will guide him on how to help you cope.

Keeping him out will only leave him feeling unwanted and confused.

This could also result in a lot of misunderstandings.

Don’t hesitate to let him in on what you are thinking or feeling.


Reconnect with your support system

Your mother, sister, or best friends who have been your support system while you were preparing for your wedding can be a good source of stability.

Their company and conversations can fill your less busy days and help you overcome the post-wedding blues.

They may have also experienced the same and you can trade stories and tips.

Most of the time, stepping out of the blues just means knowing that you are not alone.

So go ahead, bust out the coffee or cocktails or both and have some bonding session with the girls.

reconnect with your best friend
Reconnect with your Best Friend


Complete your post-wedding responsibilities

You have had many tasks while preparing for your wedding that you’re less busy schedule has left you feeling a little empty.

Fill your days by completing your after-wedding responsibilities such as getting your wedding dress cleaned and stored, sending out thank you cards, and organizing your wedding photos.

Keeping busy can keep your mind off things and help you ease into your usual routine.


Take a vacation together

Taking a vacation is one of the most effective ways of getting over your post-wedding blues.

That’s why going on your honeymoon is a necessity.

Seeing new sites or taking on new activities gives you a boost.

If circumstances don’t allow all-inclusive couples resort escapes, you can opt for a simple rendezvous not far from home.

Book a day at the pool or a nearby bed and breakfast with your spouse.

Traveling together as a couple can help both of you relax and bond, giving you a good jump start to your new life together.

Vacationing together on the beach
This works for me :)


Get relaxing alone time

Anxiety and exhaustion can contribute greatly to post-wedding blues.

It is important to release these stressors to let them go.

A day at the spa or even an hour of massage can effectively do the trick.

You can also choose activities that you enjoy such as going out for an afternoon coffee, reading your favorite book, or if you are one of the lucky ones, go shopping.

Face your feelings even if they do not seem to make sense after you have had a great party, worn a gorgeous dress, and received a lot of presents.

Dealing with post-wedding blues will help you get a fresh and happy start.


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Based in San Diego, California, Melissa Page is a professional writer with over four years of experience. She blogs about relationships and lifestyle at her group’s blog. She also loves coffee, books, and travel.

Melissa – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

4 thoughts on “How to Deal with Post-Wedding Blues”
  1. I’ve never been married myself but I just can’t understand why a gal should get depressed afterwards. Something you have to experience maybe?

    1. Hi Nicky, after a huge buildup during the entire wedding phase, there’s always a possibility of emptiness.

      In the early stages of wedding planning, the bride gets used to having so many people to help her out – vendors, bridesmaids, etc. Then there’s the wedding day, when so many of her loved ones are around, celebrating HER special day.

      When it ends, the hype is gone. The giddy feeling has died down. Guests and family go back to their respective lives. Brides get lonely and feel that their dream – the one they’ve been planning since a little girl – has also ended.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    This is a great topic.
    I can admit that after my wedding, I became terribly depressed.
    The sadness lasted for weeks – and I think it had to do with having so many of my loved ones around in the same place for such a happy occasion (and of course it being centered around me helped as well – if I’m gonna be totally honest).

    I’m sure there are a lot of ‘just marrieds’ that will appreciate this post.
    I certainly would have.

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