Wanna Know Some Stress Reduction Stuff?

smile and reduce the stress in life

Smile and reduce the stress in life

Stress is the number ONE killer of people and that’s a fact.

Stress is also the number ONE reason relationships fail as well.

When we live with another, there’s a natural tendency to want to protect our partner’s from life’s troubles but what I’ve found is that is entirely the wrong thing to be doing.

You take on the whole burden yourself which builds up inside and causes all manner of illness and leads to immense internal stress.

….. Leading to a Domino Effect on all your life including your relationship.

Unless you gain support in helping you cope and pull yourself from the black hole, things are going to go pear shaped, spiralling you ever downward.

Take affirmative action right now or in the future with these simple stress management techniques. OK?

Go for a Walk – Shake Out the Cobwebs

One of the easiest activities anyone can start with their loved one.

Going for a stroll with your babe and getting some exercise gets the endorphins activated too so the increase in blood flow is a great way to get the brain thinking.

With that you can …

Talk About Reducing Stress

As I mentioned earlier, you need to share the troubles and burden with the loved one. They could well have ideas in reducing stress plus you already know that they’re always there to help.

Get talking – two brains are always better than one in problem solving.

They also understand the situation and are able to better support you, even if they’re unable to come up with a solution immediately.

Focus On What You Can Control

Humans have this weird habit of stressing about areas in our lives that we have no control over.

When you think about that, it’s self defeating, isn’t it?

Funnily enough though, by giving attention on what we can control (and taking action too) very often leads to events that alter our stressful areas.

Situation: We’ve been fired from work and no-one will give you a job. You have no control over what others do, do you?

What you can focus on is your own talents and skills.

Chip away at tapping your network of friends as well as offering to build your own business, no matter how small.

One you can’t control while another you can and the latter focuses away from stress towards something meaningful.

stress less and live better

Stress less and live better

Reminisce About Good Times

Remove yourself from the thoughts of your woes with the good times in life.

Nothing helps better than raising your awareness about your accomplishments and positive thoughts.

Smile For Goodness Sake!

  • A smile is infectious.
  • Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes too.
  • Positive outcomes reduce your stress.

Just think about the feeling you get when someone smiles at you.

Even if you don’t know them , you feel good inside, don’t you? And while you’re feeling good, you aren’t stressing either!

Kinda makes sense to put on a happy face, doesn’t it?

Go Ask For a Hug

Whether you know it or not, physical contact just makes us all feel good inside.

And I don’t know anyone who has ever been refused a hug before either.

All people love getting a hug as well as giving them.

What a great win-win situation a hug is, huh?

Look For Opportunities in Life’s Challenges

You’ve heard that every cloud has a silver lining, right?

Every successful entrepreneur has climbed the success ladder in finding a need to fill.

I know myself that when I give focus to looking outside myself (and the crap I might be in in the moment), I usually have one of those Aha Moments when the fog lifts and I regain clarity of purpose.

Clarity isn’t possible when you’re in stress so you need to change the mindset. Small increments are a good start to larger blocks of clarity.

You just have to start.

Dance It Out, Baby

Reducing stress isn’t a one person affair. Well, it shouldn’t be anyways.

Take the time and interact with others, anyone.

Take 10 minutes and have a coffee with a friend and shoot the shit. You’ll be surprised the thoughts it will conjure up.

Taking the time away from giving focus to your troubles reduces stress build-up, gives you a break and regains some sanity.

Just Breathe

This is more about breathing and learning some meditation techniques.

It’s the ultimate chill out exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere.

I started meditating myself 6 months ago – I got the app to prove it :)

What I’ve found is me becoming more calm than I’ve ever been.

If I ever need to reduce and relieve stress, I take 25 minutes out of the day and meditate (which is truly breathing in a different way)

And Go to Bed Early.

While more sleep time is always good for the body, we’re talking reducing stress here.

So going to bed early means more lovemaking and romance.

It’s all about those endorphins, baby.


From AskAlice:
Orgasms and Endorphins
the most recent thinking is that exercise, as experienced during running as “runner’s high,” for example (and, likely, by extension, other activities that cause the release of endorphins, such as sex), can help treat depression


Now you know all the easy-to-do ways in reducing stress, go get ’em


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