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New Ideas To Help Your Dating

the easy dating ideas are often the best too
The easy dating ideas are often the best too

When I say that going on the dating circuit can be a daunting experience for anyone, I mean it from a very personal viewpoint.

Before I met my husband, I went through my fair share of dating, and I know that it can be very tricky business.

In the many dates that I have gone through, I have learned to take all the help I can get

  • … be it from getting insider tips from friends who may know the guy
  • … or may have some familiarity with the places that my date and I have planned on going to.

However, when friends aren’t around, or can impart no additional wisdom, I have learned to take my faith in trust in some nifty inventions and gadgets.

Let’s just say that I used to never go on dates without these, and I can actually testify that the following inventions have served me pretty well.

Here’s what made my list:


The Mobile Phone

Its always good to start with the basics.

When we talk of dating gadgets, it doesn’t mean that you have to go out there and purchase everything. Some of these gadgets, such as a cellphone, may already be in your possession, as it was in mine.

My cellphone has proven to be the best multi-tasker when it comes to dating.

I’ve used it to communicate with my date regarding the details of where, and what time our actual date will be.

During the times that I have run late, a quick text to the guy, and these days, my husband, prevents me from looking thoughtless and flighty.

I was also guilty of using my phone to stalk my date’s Facebook profile to figure out his likes and dislikes :)

And, let’s not take the alarm feature for granted.

The alarm feature has reminded me countless times that I actually have an upcoming date, and need to get out of bed, or hurry from work and get ready!

And the phone always makes it possible
And the phone always makes it possible


Dating Apps

If you have an up-to-date phone, you’re definitely aware that it can do so much more than make calls.

One of the things that it can give you access to are different dating apps.

Personally, my favourite ones to use are Scoutmob and Groupon.

In my opinion, these two apps are great because they can give you updated information on the different things that you can do on the night of your date. I’ve used them to figure out where to go (if I was in charge of the planning) and what to do, while staying on a budget.

Trust me when I say that these apps will save you from those awkward, “What are we going to do next” moments.

Through these apps, I always seem to have solid plan in place and can be somewhat assured of a fun and entertaining night!


Pheromone Perfume

Studies show that all animals, humans included, secrete odorless pheromones in order to attract potential males.

Well, some inventors have decided to capitalise on this theory and have come up with some sort of pheromone perfume.

If you are a little worried if your date will find you sexually attractive, you may want to spritz on some of this perfume and see if it actually makes a difference.

The few companies that make this so-called pheromone perfume claim that they actually work, giving a 75% effectiveness rating.

I’ve actually been so curious about what this perfume can do for me, and have been looking to get my hands on one.


A Music Subscription Service

If you ask me, music is a great way to make the mood a little more romantic than usual.

If the old days had you making a mixed tape (super guilty), or burning a CD full of hot and sexy tracks, you’ll be glad to know there is an easier way to get your hands on some romantic tunes.

For me, subscribing to a music subscription service like Spotify or Grooveshark is a stress free way to get appropriate and updated music that will fit whatever mood I am trying to achieve.

So many times, I’ve simply let Spotify take charge with coming up with a no-fail playlist for my date with my hubby.

I discover new songs and artists too, which is always cool, and add them into the mix for next time.

music really is for lovers
Music really is for lovers


Condoms and Other Forms of Protection

Let’s keep it real.

If you find your date extremely attractive and vice versa, then we can all figure out what will happen next.

You definitely do not want to come unprepared.

You want to take the necessary steps to be safe, and protect yourself and your partner from diseases (if there are any to be concerned) and unwanted pregnancy!

Condoms are perhaps the niftiest invention to help you do that, as oral contraceptives will only protect you from pregnancy, but not STDs.

Obviously, there are different kinds of condoms, ranging from drugstore variety to more high-end labels (yes, really).

If you want a real recommendation, Crown condoms are apparently the best.


 What’s Next for Dating?

So there you have it, 5 nifty inventions to help you get through any date, aside from bring my personal picks.

There’s so much more where that came from, but if you feel like you have a better idea than the ones already on the market, then you are always welcome to try your hand at making one!

I think that there is always room for dating inventions on the market, and who knows, it could be your big idea that could help many others who are looking for the love of their lives have an easier time at it.


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  1. Last night I was browsing through some app website, and I was surprised to find the plethora of dating apps. Dating scene has revolutionized completely. Till date mobiles were a dotting thing while dating, now we have a good number of things which can help in dating.

    1. Oh yeah, dating apps as well as messaging apps too.
      There sure isn’t any shortage of being able to keep in contact with anyone on the planet :)

  2. So true, and it continues to change all the time. And beyond dating, all these new inventions also affect relationship dynamics as well

  3. Dating has become easier with all these inventions and advancements. The mobile phone however always works;) Thanks for the share.

  4. The dating scenario these days has witnessed a paradigm shift, due to a number of innovations as well as inventions. The dating apps these days helps to find a number of prospective dates with just a glance. Reading this post was a treat. Thanks for the share.

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