Sex And The New Guy In Your Life

So, you’ve met a new man and things are going great.

If you’re in it for more than just a hook-up, it’s imperative you make sure the time is right.

You bond over amazing conversation, you have a lot in common, you can envision his last name following your first, and of course…the sexual chemistry is so undeniable that you can barely wait to rip off his clothes and jump into bed with him.


One of the biggest questions, however, when you start dating a new guy is:

when is it okay to have sex?

This can be tricky when you really like him—sex has the ability to bring two people closer together, but if you have sex too soon in a relationship, it often derails any chance of a future with one another.

Men want sex (and so do women!), but when they get the goods right away, they many times put blame on the woman (gotta love that double standard!) and are on to the next!

Of course, every circumstance is different.

Depending on the specifics of the relationship you are in, you may find that long-term dating is in the cards even if you rush into sex.

There is no set number of days or dates you should wait—but in most cases, if you’re in it for more than just a hook-up, it’s imperative that you make sure the time is right.

So before you get a Brazilian bikini wax and whip out your sexiest lingerie, be sure to check out the following advice for waiting for that right time:


Limit The Alcohol

When you first start dating someone, you’re often spending a good deal of time wining and dining each other.

As alcohol is known to be a contributor to many a sloppy rendezvous in the sack, if you’re not ready to go there quite yet with your guy, make sure to keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum.

As much as you might think you need that extra Appletini when the butterflies are getting the best of you, if sex is a possibility on the dessert menu, then forget about the drinks.

Besides, you want to remember the first time you have sex with your new man, right?

Too much wine can affect your decisions

Too much wine can affect your decisions


No Commitment, No Sex

This is a great rule of thumb to use before knocking boots.

If you are dating a man with whom you’d like to maintain a serious relationship, it may be in your best interested to hold out until you are completely sure that he’s as committed to the relationship as you are.

Once you define the fact that the two of you are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship then sex is on the table.

If not, then don’t give in—when women have sex with a guy, emotions and feelings for that person grow immensely…and if he’s having sex with you as well as a slew of other women, you will not only be putting your heart in danger, but you’ll be putting your health in danger as well.

sex, life and relationships

Sex, Life and RelationshipsThree words that make up human beings


Practice Self-Control.

If self-control isn’t your strong point and you’re someone who so much as lays eyes on a candy bar and before you know it you’ve eaten four…be careful if you’re trying to wait for the right time in your relationship to start having sex.

As difficult as it can be to wait when you are really interested a guy, don’t have sex until you are sure that he is interested in YOU too.

… and not just interested in SEX.

If you could easily succumb to your wants and desires (or his), stay in charge by avoiding putting yourself in sexually enticing situations with your guy.

When the timing is right, you will find that your exhausting efforts to practice self-control were well worth the wait.


Talk It Out

Sex is one of those things that can be awkward to talk about.

However, as mature, responsible adults, sex is a vital topic of conversation when you’re in a relationship.

When you’ve reached an appropriate point where sex is the next step, find a time to sit and discuss the subject to determine what you each expect out of the relationship as well as how you plan to enjoy sex safely.

Once you are both on the same page and you feel confident in your mutual decision…then head to the bedroom!


Your Turn

What’s one other thing you think is important before sex for the first time?

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