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Simple Tips To Impress People And Be Successful

First impressions count

That slogan is so true and there is nothing superficial about it.

First impressions do count. In the corporate realm, the first impression that you give can either make or break you. It can attract people to you or repel them from you.

If you want to build lasting friendships and become successful in your chosen career, you must always show people your good qualities.

There are seven ways you can impress people without showing off.


Display A Positive Attitude

People want to be happy, inspired and motivated, so if you display a positive attitude, you will attract people to you.


Be Kind And Generous

Kindness combined with positivity goes a long way in this world.

Even the smallest act of kindness can change a person’s life. When you walk down the street, make eye contact with people and smile at them as you walk past. If you like a person’s outfit or they way she styled her hair, give her a compliment even if she is a complete stranger.

Give of yourself. When you see or know of someone who is in need, offer to help that person. If you have a decent amount of money then donate a portion of it to a charity of your choice.

These acts of kindness are impressive, but they are also touching.

If you are a kind and generous person, you will be rewarded.

acts of kindness


Always be Honest

People have great admiration and respect for those who are honest.

Therefore, it is good to be upfront with another person even if you are the bearer of bad news.

If your boss requires you to do a task that is beyond the level of difficulty that you can handle, or one that is unethical, tell him or her that you cannot perform that task.

Don’t just say you are unable to do the task, explain your reasons.

If you are honest and upfront, you will succeed in life.


Have Boundaries

You can be gracious to people, but that does not mean you should let them take advantage of your kindness.

Know when to say no to people who try to use you to get what they want. Having boundaries does not mean you lose your temper every time someone treats you unkindly.

You can confront a person’s negative behavior without being confrontational.

When you have boundaries, you let people know that you are a person worthy of love and respect.

You also let them know that you will not allow them to mistreat you.


Display Confidence

You need the right amount of it to succeed in your career.

It is about having faith in yourself and in your abilities.

When people see that you are confident in yourself, they will take a chance on you.


Be Open Minded

If you want to impress people and succeed in your career, you must have an open mind.

Be willing to embrace new ideas and opportunities.

You may not obtain the career you want the most.

Opportunity may come to you, but in a way where you least expected it to. In either case, you must be willing to embrace change.

At the same time, you must have a backup plan.


Dress Appropriately

Wearing appropriate attire does not mean you have to be clothed entirely from head to toe.

Appropriate clothing in this context refers to clothes that enhance your appearance.

You don’t have to wear overly revealing clothes in order to look attractive. When you wear clothes that gracefully outline your body, you will feel much better about yourself. People will also look upon you as a person with class and dignity, an individual worthy of respect.

If you strive to live by all seven virtues, you will give off a good impression to everyone you meet.

You will also make lasting friendships with others and you will succeed in everything you do.


Your Turn Now

Can you think of another thing you can use to impress others?

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Deanna Proach writes for a website that deals with the sale of coupons and products on discounted prices. She has also written a young adult book titled To be Maria.

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Impress People”
  1. Nice guest post from Deanna.

    The take-away for me is 'First impressions count' – it's like a first date, isn't it?

    Be what it is you'd like to be and the rest will fall into place. When I was first working decades ago in the building industry, we had a saying that was 'It doesn't have to be right, it just has to look right'.

    The same goes for those first meetings or first dates. Let go of your inhibitions and simply pretend to be the person you'd like to be. Chances are, the more you do that, the more you'll move towards being just that.

    Thoughts? Disagreement? Subtle Changes? Just tell me.

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