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and exercise together is good too
And exercise together is good too

As a kid, I used to really enjoy exercise

I was captain of the soccer team, I played for years!

I tried out basketball, running, long jump, and a dozen different dances, you name it, I tried it!

I was even pretty good at a lot of them.

As I grew up though I started trying out new things less and less, ditched the group sports, and stuck to exercising alone. Eventually, even that became a thing of the past.

Somehow adulthood took away the fun of exercise but I wanted to take it back!

Here are some of the things that have personally helped me to explore exercise and ultimately enjoy it!

Grab a Partner

Everything goes by faster when you have someone with you, not only will having someone share your workout make your workout fly by, you’ll also really enjoy it.

It’s not only great for your physical health but also your mental health, as you’ll be spending quality time together.

Sometimes it’s hard to do something just for your own sake.

Getting someone to join you can really boost your motivation.


Go to a Class

Sometimes letting someone else take over the reins can help a lot.

Let go and let someone else figure out a routine for you.

That way you can soak up the camaraderie while you follow those basic moves.

buddy up with your babe in a class
Buddy up with your babe in a class

Listen to Music

Make a playlist of some upbeat, poppy dance tunes.

To really enjoy a workout, it should be fun and energetic… that’s the whole point, right?

So, go create your ultimate playlist on iTunes or let a host like SoundCloud take over.

Whether you have a list of favs or you like to mix it up each time, get moving with some funky tunes. Listening to music helps me a lot!

I find it energizing and it makes working out way more fun!

Watch a Video

Seriously, watch a video?


Just don’t sit on your butt while you do. Either put on a workout show on youtube and do the moves or if you’re feeling a little creative, put on a DVD of your favorite show and do your favorite exercise moves until it’s over.

That will give you at least a 20 to 45-minute workout!

Go you!

If I don’t have anything on in the background, like music, a show, or a class, all I do is count the seconds until it’s over.

Watching a show can be really distracting.

You’ll be working out without even knowing it!

Play a Game

Make your workout a game.

If you’ve got a console, awesome!

You can take a fitness class tailored to you in the middle of your lounge room! How cool is that? Or if you’re a little more old school, grab the kids and play tag in the backyard or go to the park.

This tip is my ultimate favorite.

Working out with kids is so much fun.

You’re putting in great quality time and you’re exercising!

Trust me you’ll enjoy it too!

Go Shopping

Shopping itself can be a great workout.

Sure you’re mostly just going for a walk but if you’re a true shopper, you literally will keep going until you drop!

That’s a 4-hour marathon right there!

Of course, shopping for some awesome workout clothes can keep you motivated too. Why not try some activewear from Mylo-dee to keep yourself inspired and on the move.

exercise and boost your energy and relationships
Exercise and boost your energy and relationships

Change it Up

Change up your routine.

Everyone is bound to get bored by doing the same moves day after day.

Instead, mix in some new moves or use some new equipment. Not only will it work out other areas of the body, but it will also stimulate your brain, making your workout seem more fun.

Like I said, as a kid, I tried out so many sports to figure out which ones I liked the most and I bet you did too.

Take some inspiration from the child within and dare to be different.

Get Competitive

Everyone gets competitive, you must work hard and beat your workout buddy’s run time.

If that’s a little too intense for you, write down your own run times or a number of squats and try and beat them.

This tip was taken straight out of memory lane.

How else do you get to be captain?

Everything makes a difference to life
Everything makes a difference in your life

Take it Outside

Even if you choose not to do this one every day, exercising outdoors should definitely be part of your weekly routine.

Exercising outdoors can be great for relieving stress, leaving you feeling refreshed rather than rundown after a workout.

Gee, just go outside, period. It will boost your energy and make you ready for a good workout!

Get some exercise outside is wonderful
Get some exercise outside is wonderful

Write it Down

Nothing gets people more motivated and inspired to continue to workout than seeing the results and difference it makes.

If you’re trying to lose weight, keep track of how much you’ve lost, if you’re trying to gain muscle, keep track of how much you’ve grown.

If you’re just trying to get fitter to think about how long you could work out for in the beginning compared to now.

Tracking your progress will definitely keep up the motivation and you’ll enjoy your workout just knowing that it’s making a difference.

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Sandra Worsley is a freelance writer from Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about sport and fitness and provides great tips to enjoy doing exercises.

Sandra – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Enjoy Exercise And Live To The Max”
  1. Exercising is one of the most important part to live a healthy life. And you’ve shared some of the best 10 ways to enjoy exercise. Thanks a lot for this.

  2. I loved all the points, specially the shopping one ;) ..Exercise can get boring without adding a fun factor to it. Finding someone to workout with and listening to music can be great. Thanks for sharing.

    1. haha the excuses you ladies us to go shopping :)
      I hadn’t heard that it was good exercise, being one of them, Veronica lol

      I do certainly agree that it’s good to go with another person. When I go out for long fast walks, it’s way better to have someone to yak to.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I love the idea of watching a workout video to inspire motivation to exercise. I have used this tip – and written about it as well. It works beautifully :)

    Sometimes, it takes seeing what we’re wanting to do to bring it into our conscious awareness.

    Great post!

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