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Put Aside 15 Minutes and Be Inspired

Just get cracking and watch these.

Your life will be different afterwards.


Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Human beings tend to initially judge people by their looks and not their internal talent.

If this doesn’t change your mind that there’s more to a person by their exterior then nothing will.


Put Aside Your Petty Skin Colour and Be a Human

South Africa at the present moment is a melting pot of confusion and reverse racism.

Whether you’ve heard of Nelson Mandela and his humble rise to ‘humble power’ or not, Morgan Freeman epitomises Mandela’s innate yearning to unite the disparate SA Nation to be better than it’s roots and forge a better Rainbow Nation.

He had (and still has) total conviction and desire to stop racism and unite his country as one people.

My opinion thus far: The current SA Government are a greedy bunch of people, destroying the Mandela Dream.

The video is a must watch.


Forget The Money

Wow, I saw this recently and reminded me of the post I did just last week on the futility of money focus.

This is likely to be one of those videos you’ll ponder on for a while.

3 Minutes of Musical and Passionate Inspiration

OK, I’m an old softie when it comes to the Gipsy Kings.

Got a few albums myself.

These dudes know how to bring their music alive to the audience.

Click the ‘Play’ button, close your eyes and let your mind carry you away to where it needs to be.

This one always puts me in a happy mood

How about you?


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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4 thoughts on “Top 4 Inspirational Videos You Need To Watch”
  1. I too witnessed Susan Boyle first appearance on Britain’s got talent on TV. I was astonished by her like the rest of you. And especially I was waiting for the Simon’s comment. It was very inspirational. And again the most inspirational movie I’ve ever watched is Invictus. Morgan Freeman is doing a great job at acting as Mandela. It was interesting till the end. These other two videos are new to me. They are also good. Music is the most solid way to inspire human beings.

    1. So pleased you gained some added inspiration from the other videos that you hadn’t seen, Shalin.
      I soooo love the Gypsy Kings music :)

    1. hahaha yeah, I love Morgan Freeman myself, Gautham :)
      I must say though that Invictus was such a powerful and moving movie by it’s message and Mandela’s committment to joining the people of his country. Pity that has so fundementally changed in South Africa now though.

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