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We decided to design our bedroom together

We were happily married last November after seeing each other for more than five years.

Over the years we have come to realize each other’s needs and tastes very deeply.

When we decided to design our bedroom together, it sounded like the perfect way to start a new life and add our personal touch to our most intimate space. We were very clear about what we did not want so the decision-making process was not so tedious.

Deciding to choose furniture that would make the bedroom clutter-free was a good choice.

We removed furniture we don’t use and tried a combination of pieces on the basis of color and texture.

husband and wife together
We wanted this to be a ‘together’ thing

Here is a list of things we kept in mind when deciding on our bedroom.


We Wanted A Warm And Inviting Space

We first decided on the main style of the room and then worked on things around it.

We were very clear about making our bedroom a warm and inviting space for us. We made a list of a few common items that were our favorites. Then chose the top three or four and worked around them.

A warm color was the basic theme.


The Walls Brought Out the Artist in Us

We both being artists had always talked about adding an artistic feature to our bedroom.

So we arrived on this brilliant idea of painting the wall behind the bed like a black and gold Mural. It was inspired from our summer vacation in Morocco, where we had a memorable time.

The rest of the walls were treated an ivory white to accentuate the mural.

Painters in Auckland are doing a great job in all kinds of murals.

black and gold Mural
Stunning Black and Gold Mural from New Zealand Painters


Only Soft Lights 

A well lit room was a no for a romantic evening.

The soft glow of light through low lying ivory shades and lamps created a nice mood and eased the tension of the day.

We got lots of candles in our favorite lavender smell and the white walls looked even prettier.

Be creative and try pink tinted bulbs instead of white and in the roof also if it is possible.


Personal Touch – What Makes It Unique

A mirror strategically placed can really spice up things in the lovers nest.

We chose a Victorian Style teak mirror whose shine and glimmer lights up a gloomy day and makes a hot one sexier.

Since vintage lighting was the theme of the room, we decided to get monogrammed linens in white and black.

To add to the dramatics we threw a zebra hide on the floor to complete the overall effect.


Romanticizing the Room

Being born romantics highlighting the bed came naturally to us.

We decided to make it the showpiece.

We decided to go in for a jack wood period romantic bed. The architecture was Spanish and the dark rosewood color complimented the walls and the linen.

We removed the canopy and the let the posts be to make it the central piece in the room.


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We Planned a Romantic Bedroom Design and LOVED it! 1

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  1. I LOVE that gold mural, John, oh my goodness, I can just see Eric and me with that in our bedroom. It’s so very wonderful.
    Did that take very long to do?

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