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divorce can be avoidedBeat The Divorce Odds

Statistics revealed that US has a 53% divorce rate.

If you find that staggering, wait until you hear the percentage in European countries:

  • Luxembourg (60%)
  • Spain (61%)
  • the Czech Republic (66%),
  • Hungary (67%), and
  • Portugal (68%) have obviously higher divorce rates.

This soaring percentage of divorce is just too high to disregard.

What are the things that are potentially putting marriages in trouble?

Are there ways couples can proactively minimise the issues that lead marital dissolution?

To find out the solid steps to avoiding divorce, we gather wise words and practical advice from a relationship expert, well-experienced counsellors, and intelligent authors.

fix a marriage that might be broken

Below are a few proven tips to keep marital relationships strong:


Recall why and how you were fond of your spouse.

Dig for his or her positive sides that you used to admire.

Develop a daily habit of appreciating each other’s positive features.

Concentrate on qualities you truly cherish about your partner. You can also talk about wonderful events or trips you have experienced together.

This will promote mutual fondness and admiration which remains as your best weapon against contempt (due to familiarity).


Most lasting marriages are founded on deep friendship.

If you know your partner’s likes, aspirations, oddities, dislikes, etc. – and you can still live with him or her – without any agenda of changing them later, your union has a better chance of surviving the toughest times.

It is not true that best friends agree about everything.

They just know either how not to start a argument or how to end a disagreement without inflicting damage.


Know your own as well as your significant other’s communication style.

Explore how you respond to uncomfortable situations and reflect on your reactions.

Having discovered your own style, it’s now time to explore your partner’s.

You’ll eventually realize that you express your views rather differently – and that’s fine.

As long as both sides are heard and understood, you will be able to repair, if not avoid, many conflicts or tensions before they get out of control.

communication is important to a successful marriage
Communication is important to a successful marriage


Create opportunities to interact with your spouse in a loving way.

A warm embrace as you wake up, stolen kisses, and excited hugs when you arrive from work.

These little acts seem petty but they build strong connection between the two of you over time.

Make each other laugh with timeless jokes and funny shows.

Volunteer together to charities or any institution that promotes goodwill.

The more positive experiences you create with your partner, the stronger your bond will be.


Decide to live near your workplace but make sure that the house’s location is a mutual choice.

If your wife or husband is not happy about the chosen residence, this could a be a breeding ground of marital conflicts.

The blame game is a bad game because both of you end up losing. Husbands who need to commute more than an hour to work and another hour on the way home will find it difficult to help out in home chores.

Wives who do not need to travel to work might end up doing everything around the house – even child rearing.

Negative sentiments will kick in, eventually leading to greater marital issue.


Make sure your work hours leave you enough time to bond with your partner and/or family.

Some jobs are highly demanding that they could cause a strain in relationships.

Long working hours and constant calls and emails even after your shift can pull you emotionally and physically away from your partner.

If both of you have busy careers, this should be fine. If not, this might cause a lot of problems.

Discuss your ambitions and how your lifestyles could match up.

Work on a magical life work balance
Work on a magical life work balance


Discuss money matters transparently.

Gone are the days that only the wives have to worry about money.

Couples need to sit down together and budget your finances to meet all required expenses.

Decide which purchases are essentials and which ones are just for pleasure.

Ask each other how much money they need  to contribute from their salaries.

  • Be sure to observe and explore your partner’s spending habits.
  • Be calm yet candid about necessary money discussions.


Couples in intimate partnerships have better sex.

Have you ever asked your partner about her or his sexual preferences and fantasies?

If you find this subject embarrassing, then you will probably end up clueless whether you are fulfilling your spouse’s sexual needs or not.

Worried about your partner’s dwindling libido?

Stop guessing – bring up the topic in a casual conversation.

Never neglect your marriage if you want it to work out.

Both husbands and wives should set to work to make their lives together a source of immeasurable bliss, love and inspiration.


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