Jack and Jill Showers: A Good Time Had By All

When Jack and Jill went to the top of the hill, what they found surprised them both.

If they are like most couples today who are engaged to be married, they have foregone the separate wild bachelor and bachelorette parties in favor of having one joint party for themselves and the wedding party.

Yes, the bride and groom, along with the best man, maid of honor and other members of the party can have lots of fun before the big day arrives.

While organizing a party sounds like an easy task, sometimes it can be anything but that when so many people with diverse interests are involved.

If you don’t panic and give it some thought, you’ll discover you can plan a joint party that Jack and Jill will still be talking about on their golden wedding anniversary.

a great wedding party had by all
A great wedding party had by all


The Stay-at-Home Party

One of the most popular and inexpensive Jack and Jill parties today is the stay-at-home party.

While sometimes it may be difficult to decide whose home will host the party, once that’s decided this can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Most of the time, the party is hosted at the bride’s home and the entire home is decorated in the bride’s favorite colors.

When it comes to the home party, many ideas come to mind.

Since most weddings take place during summer, having a pool party is lots of fun and also a great way to cool off after a hot day.

Very informal, these parties lend themselves to everyone getting to know one another and unwind before the formalities begin the next day.

If a pool party isn’t possible, a backyard barbecue is another option.

There’s nothing like steaks on the grill, a great dessert and some adult beverages on the menu to let everyone have a great meal while letting their worries drift away.


It’s a Gamble

Another fun option for a combined party is heading to the nearby casino for a fun night of tossing the dice, spinning the roulette wheel and playing the slots.

If a casino is not nearby, sometimes the equipment can be rented and a home can become a casino for an evening.

For added fun, the guys and the girls can team up against one another to see who can win the most money.

Many casinos have private rooms they rent out to groups for an evening, so asking about this can give everyone a spot to hang out with one another and open gifts, along with finding out who was the big winner at blackjack.

visit a casino or just rent your own - good times
Visit a casino or just rent your own – Good Times!


The Great Outdoors

Many of today’s younger couples love to spend time together in the great outdoors, enjoying such activities as fishing, camping, hiking and other activities.

If everyone is on board with this idea, head to the nearest state park or other location and put up some tents.

Sitting by the campfire on a warm summer night in early evening can allow each other to decide who tells the scariest ghost story or who can simply look up at the sky and wish upon a star.

Many of today’s couples choose to have their parties near lakes, where they often have the thrill of setting up a guys vs. girls matchup of canoe racing.

While the girls usually wind up showing their male counterparts who’s boss, everyone is able to let down their hair and enjoy hanging out with Mother Nature.

Just remember, whatever happens at their garden party stay at their garden party, so Mother Nature’s land will be turned on it’s head.


Pampered Parties

Everyone loves to relax, and one of the great ways to do so is by going to a spa for a day of massages, manicures and all things soothing.

Guys and gals get a kick out of being the center of attention at these resorts, and with good reason.

After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a day lounging around in a bathrobe, getting matching pedicures while holding a glass of champagne?

With these parties, everyone usually buys gift certificates or gift cards for the bride and groom, enabling them to get the works before their big day.

To liven up the festivities even more, many times the mothers of the bride and groom are included in these get-togethers, giving them the opportunity to experience relaxation at its finest.

Do the his and hers spa party and really chill out
Do the ‘his and hers’ spa party and really chill out


Try Something New and maybe a Little Daring, OK?

So while the traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties are bidding their final farewell in lieu of being replaced by more down-to-earth and inclusive gatherings, everyone involved with the wedding party can look forward to time spent getting to know one another and letting off some steam before getting down to business the following day.

As Jack and Jill make their way up the hill toward wedded bliss, they never know what kind of great surprise party awaits.


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Jack and Jill Showers: A Good Time Had By All 1

Sydney gal Sarah researched and wrote this article for employer Covergirl Strippers, who can help you throw a wicked party in Sydney so go check out their site to see the talent on offer, you won’t be disappointed.

Sarah – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

2 thoughts on “Jack and Jill Showers: A Good Time Had By All”
  1. I’ve recently attended one of these joint-bachelor/ette parties, and it was a great time. The couple in question opted to throw the party before the wedding, and then just have a ceremony for the family later. I didn’t really ask why they’d skip the wedding party, but I believe they had to catch the honeymoon plane. They went to the Whitsundays, lucky punks!

  2. We had our party together at a music house. We celebrated it with both relatives and friends. We enjoyed the night as we had a game led by my wife’s sister and also singing. Great experienced and unforgettable one. I also suggest it with my friends that they should celebrate together as a single before get married. Thanks for sharing I had fun reading your post.

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