Find the right Feng Shui colours for your lifestyle and partner

Like every other philosophy, pink color represents love in Feng Shui.

At times, couples find daily-life concerns, pressure created by set goals and relationship issues quite overriding and need some time to normalize the situation.

If your love life too is going through the same phase and nothing from your friends’ compassion to professional help from psychiatrists has worked for you, maybe you should give something completely different a try!

Using right and smart color combination in the bedroom, the art of Feng Shui proposes, can be a romantic and highly helpful way to transform your regular bedroom into a romantic place!

feng shui makes for bedroom and relationship harmony
Feng Shui makes for bedroom and relationship harmony


What Feng Shui Says About Color Selection?

The best and ideal color combination will not only create positive energy within your bedroom and the entire home in Auckland, but also set the mood to bring you and your life-partner close.

All you have to do is opt for attractive shades while choosing wall paint, floral arrangements and romantic accessories such as pillows, candles and lamps!

You can consider hiring experienced painters in Auckland when it is about choosing colors for bedroom walls – that’s what we did.

Following are the Feng Shui colors that will work magic in keeping your romantic life on track:



Like every other philosophy, pink color represents love in Feng Shui and is considered perfect for couples.

The shade is an amazing mishmash of majestic red and flawless white, helping your relationship to relish both considerate love and sexual contentment.

But make sure you choose only pure pink for your bedroom walls and accessories, for other tone of it may have negative impact.



Red symbolizes the much-needed fire element in Feng Shui and will dramatically elevate your love life, sex life in particular.

This warm tone may also make it a little tough for you to settle down in the beginning, especially if you and your partner have been into a grouchy relationship for long.

In that case, it would be more intelligent to go for lighter tones of red initially.



In the art of Feng Shui, white stands for the metal element, inner strength and purity.

The shade brings serenity and offers healing power to those having relationship issues.

It would be a great idea to use pure white to refresh everything from your bedroom, faith, trust and mind!

Feng Shui colour to set the stage for Romance
Feng Shui colour to set the stage for Romance



Since yellow represents optimism and eloquence, several cultures including Feng Shui believe it to be positive for health, wealth and relationships.

While bright shades of this color will best suit your needs if you are looking to achieve a sincere and unconditional relationship, using softer yellow tones will beget rich sensuality.


Neutral Romantic Shades

If you find it awkward to abruptly go for to bold colors, you can start with neutral shades that are romantic in a sober manner.

It will, however, be vital to add some colors in order to keep that emotional sense alive within your neutral bedroom.

For a romantic touch, use lamps with a mix of gold and reddish jewel tones, pillows with slightly green touch, luxurious chairs with light blue tone and mahogany furniture pieces.


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  1. LOVE this idea! It makes it that much easier to stop thinking about external factors and more focused to what should be happening in the bedroom! Make it as romantic as possible!

  2. yes you are right but for the best ones we can use the expert people for the right choices .. i used the best painter from Auckland named as Jon Ferris for my love bedroom.

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