winning in a long distance relationship

The more you talk, the less you’ll feel the distance

It’s never easy to live apart from those you love.

Relocating overseas to find great working opportunities often lead many of us to leave families, friends, and love ones behind.

Things aren’t all hopeless.

There are a lot of things you could do alleviate the loneliness.

Here are some of them:

Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Relationships can work with the right tips and effort, from both.

Assess Yourself and Your Partner.

Brief each other on your daily routines.

Is it going to be healthy for the relationship if you go on lunch dates or dinner dates with members of the opposite sex?

This, of course, would depend entirely on the two of you.

Just make sure you both agree on anything that has to do with your relationship. If you feel it’s all right to have dinner with the opposite sex and your partner says no, listen.

Reach a compromise.

It wouldn’t be good for either of you if you’re just imposing rules on each other.


Be Honest.

This is true, whether you want it to be or not.

You’re both far from each other and while being loyal to each other is a given, most times it’s incredibly hard to stay along the straight and narrow.

If you know yourself and know you really can’t be faithful in these circumstances, then be honest with your partner.

It’s better to end things on an honest note than saying yes to a long-distance arrangement when you’ll only cheat in the end.


Invest in a Stable Internet.

Constant communication is key to keeping the relationship healthy.

Since you’re not together, the easiest way to catch up is online (unless you like snail mails every day).

Compare broadband providers.

Find the best one—with the best package, the best deals and offers—that can give you the most superior data plan among all data plans in the market.

This way, you can connect to each other anytime, anywhere.


Be Constant.

Update each other on everything.

Try to keep the communication channels open.

If you often told each other about the smallest things, like hanging out with friends or eating your favorite dish, then continue doing that, even while you’re miles away—especially if you’re miles away.

The more you talk, the less you’ll feel the distance.


Make Time.

If you and your partner don’t share the same time zones, then schedule a time wherein you could talk or call each other up.

Do daily video chats.

Seeing each other regularly may ease the loneliness of being apart from other physically.

Take note to pick a time that’s comfortable for both of you so it doesn’t affect your job and other duties.

Make the time in a long distance relationship
Make the time in a long distance relationship


Do Things Together.

If everyday phone calls bore you, do things together.

Remember that couples who aren’t in LDRs don’t call each other often but rather do things together such as watch their favorite TV programs, or basketball games, prepare food for each other, and a lot more.

Do things you could do together, even when you’re apart, and defy the distance.


Pay a Visit.

Once in a while, take time to visit each other if possible.

Schedule your vacation time for when your partner isn’t busy at work.

Find what works for both of you.

Make more memories so you’d have more to remember when the vacation is over.


Resolve Issues Right Away.

It’s harder to kiss and make up when you’re oceans apart, right?

So make it a point to settle fights before it gets worse.


Keep Yourself Busy.

Don’t dwell so much on the distance.

Instead, keep yourself occupied.

Don’t be too miserable about it.

Take advantage of the distance instead.

Enjoy more time with family and friends.

Being in LDRs doesn’t mean the end of the world as you know it. It simply means you have more time on your hands so do things you never got to do because you were always so busy with each other.

If it's real love, it will find the way home
If it’s real love, it will find the way home

These are only a few things you could do to keep your relationship strong, even when you’re oceans and time zones apart.

And when you get the blues, just remember the best part about getting into a long distance relationship: sooner or later, you—or both of you—will eventually find your way back to each other, and home.


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6 thoughts on “9 Secrets to a Strong Long Distance Relationship”
  1. Hi Ryan,

    I agree that you need to make time for your partner, even when you live in the same house. It is easy to fall into a rut and forget to show them how much you love them. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Whether it’s an LDR or a ‘normal’ proximity reltaionship, Kenney, wouldn’t you agree that’s it’s always a work in progress so you DON’T fall into any ruts?
      And the onus on making sure that doesn’t happen is on both people?
      What are your thoughts there?

      1. I agree it is on both people to keep in contact, even in a ‘normal’ relationship. There can be times where one or the other needs more contact then normal, too, so you have to be willing to ‘give’ for a while even when the other person can’t. It is hard, but in a healthy relationship you will eventually fall back into balance.

    2. Thanks, Kenney. Sometimes, we tend to forget to show our partners how much we love them because we know that they are just right around the corner. It is something that we really need to change. :)

      1. some nice tips here, ryan but are long distance relationship all that different from normal ones? the furtherest I have been from a boyfriend is when he is in the kitchen so i don’t really know but are they really that much harder?

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