Beware of the uncaring aliens that live among us

Some people care and others simply don’t

Yes, you heard that right.

There are just too distinct types of human beings living amongst us.

  • Humans that are wanting to give and share themselves with others.
  • And the aliens that are focused on their own game.

The humans will have successful relationships and partnerships with other humans.

You only have to look at those people that you know who have long-term successful marriages to understand this.

Aliens are on a path for their own success.

Aliens really won’t be seen to have had anything long-term – strings of broken relationships follow in their path.

Successful focus comes from within to make others greater than themselves – they, unfortunately, do not possess these human qualities


My Own Discoveries

During the past several months, I’ve been woken to the fact of these two distinctly separate subspecies.

My own long-term friendships, some of which I have recently rekindled, are quite surprising in their characteristics.

Real humans freely give of themselves to others, they have an underlying and an unswerving passion to see success in others, and (at some level) they also perceive that the aliens are amongst us, meddling in the affairs of humans.

The more and more I speak with my friends and colleagues with the same mindset as myself, my eyes have been opened to identify the aliens that live amongst us.

When I’ve spoken about this with my inner circle, it’s quite apparent who is a human and who is an alien.

They’ve all fallen prey and victim, in one way or another.

You will have to make a choice, at some point.
You will have to make a choice, at some point.


Consider Yourself Now

I know many of you reading this are probably aliens yourself, without any realization.

If you are, I doubt you’ll read any further either :)

It will take some soul-searching as well as looking at your historical patterns to reach a conclusion:

  • When you make personal plans who is your focus on?
    • Yourself or your partner?
  • When there is personal wealth or gain to be had, do you give yourself the thought of the first benefit?
  • Do you tend to apportion blame to others or work out in your own mind what your responsibility was in the situation?
  • Do you champion the cause of others or focus on your own future?
    • In the company of friends, would you and answer any and every question or tend to be reserved (bordering on secretive)?
  • Do you appreciate the efforts of others, in resolving issues, and do you actively engage to help?
    • You might demonstrate outward appreciation to others that you do but do you?

Humans continually give focus to involve and engage with others, in case you might be wondering.


Now Be Wary Of Aliens

There are words of warning here – for both personal relationships as well as business ones.

The creatures amongst us will always tend to impersonate and mask parade themselves.

As a business example, they tend to be outwardly friendly and helpful but the businesses will fail due to high staff turnover and have nefarious business practices. These people do not and cannot understand what a working relationship is.

From a relationship perspective, look around you at the couples with long-term relationships, where both always play together and plan their lives, as a couple.

These real humans will demonstrate the characteristics that aliens lack.


Acceptance With Caution and Restraint

While it is always good to be accepting of others (if you’re a human), we need to temper our natural tendencies to welcome with a degree of caution.

We know we will always be a moving target to these ‘people others.

They have been around since the dawn of time but the numbers (and victims) increase.

The characteristics will often be passed to children, and this sub-species grows and their spread widens.


Which One Are You?

  • Are you aware of aliens living within your own circle of friends?
  • Do you suspect you might be one as well?
  • Want some help with that?
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Express your thoughts, in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “There Are Aliens Living Amongst Us”
  1. I consider myself (though unpublished) quite a prolific science fiction writer. I can’t say I’ve always suspected aliens to be amongst us, but within the last 7 years my suspicions have grown enormously particularly with my own character I invented. My character is an advanced human whose name is Ilmfpeldgydzilbdenxak in one of 7 Terralion tongues. My character (though human) is very long lived being over 15,000 years old. Terralios is a small idyllic world in a binary star system near Saiph (brightest star in Orion’s right leg) 837.23 light years distant. The intense electromagnetic flux surrounding Saiph hides the cluster of hundreds of habitable worlds where Terralios resides. I also speak affectionately of a sister planet Meltiphion. The images from Terralios and Meltiphion get more and more vivid. I’m uncertain at times whether it’s just an overactive imagination or if indeed I could be channeling the thoughts of an actual existing Ilmfpeldgydzilbdenxak. Could it be my fiction may turn out to be truth?

  2. Excellent point(s)!

    A wake up call of sorts to those thoughts in the back of your mind you are unable to organize into a logical summary. And, voila! Here they can be defined as complete thought – Humans & Aliens.

    Food for thought that I can appreciate!


    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, MaryAnn.
      It was a wake up call and a sad one to realise these sorts of people exist among us.
      Life lessons, huh?

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