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i now love long distance relationshipsI’ve always been quite reluctant to long-distance relationships.

In my opinion, one of the best things about dating somebody is knowing that you can see each other whenever you want.

Having that special someone living in another city or country was totally impossible for me.

All the success stories about long-distance lovers were just inventions for me.

Of course, life has its own twists and turns.

Life had a surprise waiting for me around the corner:
I met HIM at a friend’s birthday party.

The beginning of our relationship was nothing out of the ordinary: we talked on the phone for hours on end, we went out together, we watched movies or cuddled on the sofa.


My Long Distance Story

At that time I was working for a multinational company and one day I had the chance of pursuing my career abroad.

There was an open position in London and everybody thought I was the perfect candidate for it.

The idea of living in London excited me a lot but, what was I going to do with HIM?

He had his work, his life…he couldn’t just leave everything behind and follow me!

I would have to survive a long-distance relationship.

And, to make things worse, we wouldn’t be cities apart or even countries apart: the Atlantic Ocean would stand between us!

My idea that those successful long-distance love stories were inventions was going to be put to the test.




Of the many inventions that helped me manage sanely my so much feared long-distance relationship, Skype is probably the one that made the most difference.

It allowed talking for hours on end just as we did when we were neighborhoods apart and see each other’s faces as we talked.

That was definitely a plus to just talking and it allowed us to feel much closer.

Needless to say, the fact that it was totally inexpensive definitely played in our favor.



E-mails also played a very significant role in our relationship.

It is one of the inventions I cherish the most.

Even though the postal service doesn’t usually take ages to take a message for Miami to London, it is true that e-mails have the advantage of immediateness.

Another important aspect of e-mails is that we could attach pictures of us, songs we dedicated to each other, and videos.


Digital Camera

Even though the first digital camera I bought was not as sophisticated as the one I now have, digital cameras are also awesome inventions when your special someone is far away.

I could take pictures of myself and almost immediately send them over to him online.

Whenever I saw something I liked or that I thought he would find interesting I took a picture of it so that he could enjoy it as well.

get a camera to spark up an LDR
Get a camera to spark up an LDR

All these inventions are awesome and they were really helpful for us during the six months that our long-distance relationship lasted.


And Then There’s Pillow Talk

Being far from each other at night was the hardest thing of all as I missed cuddling in his arms.

I really wished I had had the Pillow Talk with me at that time.

The Pillow Talk is one of those inventions you say: “Awesome! Fantastic!”

Its Scottish creator said that it was probably one of the most romantic inventions ever:  each member of the couple had to wear a special ring sensor at night and place a fabric panel inside his or her pillowcase.

When one person went to bed , the ring wirelessly communicated with his lover’s pillow and caused it to gently glow.

When he put his head on the pillow, he could hear the real-time heartbeat of his partner, no matter how far away.


Isn’t that the most romantic of all inventions?


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7 thoughts on “3 Great Inventions That Help Lovers Succeed in A Long Distance Relationship”
  1. This fills me with a lot of hope. I seem to take a picture everyday on my mobile and it’s turning into a photo-diary. The thought of sharing this with someone I love is really special!

    1. Hi Ewan!

      Having this kind of photolog or mobile log as you may also want to call it are all ways in which we can make technology feel more soft-hearted or not so mechanical.

      1. You’re right. As long as there is a person using the device, there will always be a human element to it.

  2. We all must do our share of keeping commitments if we want any relationship to work successfully. Maintaining a long distance relationship is just one of the challenges. If you’re truly, truly committed to a person, this shouldn’t be difficult at all given that we now have access to all these modern technologies that you mentioned. Truth is, there is no guarantee for a relationship to be successful even if you are constantly together so we might as well give long-distance relationships our best shot and do what it takes to make it work.

  3. The wonders of new technologies and modern inventions…. I was never for long distance relationships as well, but after seeing some of my friends maintaining successful and healthy relationships despite the distance, I began softening on the idea too. It will surely take more effort and commitment on both parties, but what the heck? If two are really in love, everything’s possible! Thanks for the share.

    1. Hi Joy! It’s true! I guess that luck also played on our favor. Neither I nor my now husband are jealous and we understood that we were in an exclusive relationship no matter where we were living. I guess that if you are insecure about yourself or your boyfriend/girlfriend things are probably much more difficult.

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