your dog has good senses for a strange boyfriend

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Here are ten, somewhat slightly strange things I have learned through my own dating experience or as playing wing-woman.

1. Stalking and Investigating Are Two Different Things

Everyone knows there’s a fine line between stalking and not stalking.

avoid stalking a boyfriend
Stalking … is bad!

Driving past their house once or twice in the beginning to see if that girl is really not there is investigating.

Driving past the house 9 to 10 times a night is stalking, especially if he lives on a dead end road.


2. Facebook Is Your Best Friend

You can’t hide from Facebook.

Status, pictures, former relationships; it’s all there.

Take advantage of seeing just how many different girls show up in his Facebook pictures and on his timeline.

Note: Be careful when you post yourself.

Best friends can be backstabbers too.


3. Never Date a Guy With No Car

Unless you live in the city were having no car is normal that is.

Prince Charming should have his own ambitions and his own white stallion ride.


4. If Your Dog Don’t Like Him, Don’t You Dare!

Most dogs come with a sense we humans don’t have.

your dog has good senses for a strange boyfriend
Remember … Rover knows best

They can tell a person’s true character and just like with your human friends if your four legged best friend wants nothing to do but growl at your date you should just say goodbye.

Because your dog is not nearly as biased as your friends are.


5. If A Guy Has More Than Four Framed Pictures Of Just Himself…

I’m all for picture taking.

But if a guy has more than you do and half are of him shirtless standing in front of his bathroom mirror, there is clearly too much self-love for there to be any left for you.


6. If You Met Him At The Cop Shop Probably Not A Good Idea

If the guy’s not in uniform, this ought to be self-explanatory, especially after the second or third time.


7. Never Hit On The Best Man

Unless you’re in the wedding party trying to hit on, or take home, the best man usually isn’t a great idea.

So rein in your “I Caught the Bouquet I WILL Be Getting Married Next” hormones and sit this one out.

Or else your embarrassing and sloppy attempts at romance just might wind up permanently on a humour page of your cousins wedding album.


8. It’s A Smaller World Than You Think

Never mention names of anyone you hate, dislike, used to date, etc in your first several weeks of dating.

The world is much smaller than you think.

Somehow everyone knows or is related to that person your badmouthing.


9. Unless You’re Officially Together Never Get Drunk

No one is a pretty drunk or says or does terrific things.

Drink with modesty or have a full on clean-up crew on call.


10. When Getting Down, Put Phones Far Away

Pocket dials can happen, we all know that.

But the last thing you need is to accidentally butt dial grandma when the clothes are being shucked.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Those were my Top 10 so here’s what you can do next:

  • Has any of these happened with you too?
  • What’s one other thing that’s been weird in your dating experiences?
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And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

10 of the Strangest Things I’ve Ever Learned While in the Dating World 1

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10 thoughts on “10 of the Strangest Things I’ve Ever Learned While in the Dating World”
  1. Interesting post.

    For me points 4 and 8 are the best. I agree that dogs have more sense that humans, at least most dogs know if humans like them or not.

    and point 8 is true… most in small cities. When you start a relationship (for marriage or friendship) you must avoid to talk about third persons.

  2. Strangest (funniest) thing that happened to me was the lady I was having a coffee with wouldn’t stop talking about this band she was a groupie to and about her back tattoo. On and on and on.
    Needless to say, it was a short coffee :)

  3. Oh #4 is so true! I was seeing this guy a couple of years back, SO MADLY IN LOVE when he came over to my place my Cocker Spaniel was just furious at him! She doesn’t bite or anything but she kept on growling, that’s definitely not like her. A few months after I found out he was cheating on me since the day we met! Dogs are an excellent judge of character.

  4. Had fun reading your post. Some of what you have posted commonly happen and have already happened to me. Keep posting!

  5. Your definition of stalking drived me crazy! It was funny and I totally agree with every word you said! I bookmarked it to use this blog as a guide. And I also believe that dogs don’t lie about a person. Thanks a lot. Kudos!

  6. Snooping is alright, just do it discreetly, and if you’re a lady, hey, we’re one of the sneakiest investigators and stalkers around. As for animal instinct, I totally agree. I once had a chocolate lab who would bristle when my ex comes to the house, well, it took me a few months to realize that he was definitely not for me

    1. Hahaha that’s funny, Kristine but true too. You gals can be quite sneaky when you want to be. Wonder why you’re better at it than guys are?
      Thoughts on that one?

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