8 Things You Can Try If Your Partner Has No Time for You

Partner Attention

Do you find yourself battling for your partner’s attention?

Between work, dealing with the kids, and all of life’s many challenges, finding time for each other can often be a challenge.

If you are finding that your spouse has little or no time for you during the week, the following information will be helpful for you.

Listed below are some things you can do to get his attention and make time for each other.


Plan a special night during the week just for your partner

Even though he is always busy, there has to be at least one night during the week when the workload eases up some.

Between work, dealing with the kids, and all of life’s many challenges, finding time for each other can often be a challenge.

Take advantage of this and plan a special night for him each week. Cook supper, give him a massage or spend some time in conversation.

Leave the kids behind and go on a nice dinner date.


Choose a vacation destination

If your partner has some vacation time built up, consider taking a week-long getaway to a place where you can get away from it all.

Choose a remote location where there is no phone service or computer access and enjoy time with each other. If he has no time for you at home, choose a place where there will be nothing but time for you.

Talk your partner into taking some time off from work and getaway in an effort to reconnect. Here you can get more tips on Easy Vacationing With Your Spouse.

Vacationing together on the beach


Rearrange your schedule


If you want to spend time with your partner, you may have to rearrange your schedule around his. Get up at the same time he does each morning in an effort to spend a little more time with him.

Bring coffee in bed or make breakfast as a kind gesture.

Make the most of the moments you do have together even if it is early in the morning or late at night when he returns from work.


Bring him lunch during the week

If countless hours are spent at the office working, you may have to go to the office to get the time that you desire.

Show up at the office a couple of times a week and have lunch with your partner.

Visit the office regularly if it is allowed and don’t take the focus off of his work.


Take an interest in his hobbies

If all his extra time is spent watching football or playing golf, perhaps it’s time that you take an interest in the hobby as well in an effort to spend much-needed time together.

Through this process, you may find that you actually enjoy some of his hobbies.

If not, at least you will be getting the attention that you are searching for.

grab a hobby and be interesting
Grab a hobby and be interesting


Join the gym where he works out

If your partner works out, it is very likely he or she is spending hours at the gym each week.

Join the gym and workout during the hours your spouse is there. This will give you much-needed time together and also help improve your health.

Working out as a couple can be a very enjoyable experience and can be great for relationships that are strained by time. Read more on Improving Togetherness Through Great Workouts


Ask him to spend more time with you

If all else fails, consider sitting your partner down and explaining your need for more time with him.

Perhaps he will understand and will make an effort to make more time available for the two of you to spend together.

Sometimes, it just takes asking.

Whether it is taking off early from work at least one day a week or spending a few hours alone on Sunday, there may be a way he can work more time into his schedule to spend with you.

If he says no, the problem may be worse than you think it is.


That’s a Wrap

If your partner has no time to spend with you during the week, use the suggestions above to help you get the time that you desire.

From rearranging your schedule to taking an interest in his hobbies, there are ways that you can spend more time with your partner each week.


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What’s one thing you could choose to do, to get the attention and time that you deserve?

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