6 07, 2013
  • what are you hiding behind the mask

Behind The Mask – Everyone is Weird

July 6th, 2013|2 Comments

When I first started dating I didn’t know how weird I was & that I was living behind the mask. Let me tell you more about how, why & what do do next.

4 07, 2013
  • good communicating involves really listening

Couples Communication – Do It Right and Get More Connection

July 4th, 2013|8 Comments

Solid couples communication habits have to start sometime unless you want to see a downward spiral of misunderstandings and potential breakup. Start here.

30 06, 2013
  • thinking kinky sex is healthy

Creative Kinky Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

June 30th, 2013|7 Comments

Kinky and consensual sex between 2 adults is healthy sex. It can be expensive but here's some great tips to make it an affordable reality. Enjoy pleasure!

20 03, 2013
  • personal boundaries in relationships

Relationship Boundaries – Are You Screwing This Up Too?

March 20th, 2013|11 Comments

Personal & relationship boundaries are very real. When you don't respect them, prepare to face the consequences of being controlling or lacking respect.

25 10, 2012
  • Philippines girl on beach

How to Find a Philippines Girl, The Safe and Right Way

October 25th, 2012|125 Comments

Finding a Philippines girl might sound easy but it's full of pitfalls. Discover the safe way from this real life account. Philippina dating done right.

16 08, 2012
  • albert einstein and relationships

Albert Einstein Was A Relationship Counsellor

August 16th, 2012|8 Comments

Who would have guessed that Albert Einstein: a patent clerk, turned world renowned Physicist, would also be a relationship mentor?

22 05, 2012
  • Danger Will Robinson

A Dream Affair And Things Guys Need To Watch Out For

May 22nd, 2012|14 Comments

The Ideal Affair - guys, you are unsuspecting targets of women. Your current relationship will be destroyed, instantly. Here's my story to help protect you.

3 05, 2012
  • cultivate love and affection

Romance and Love – How To Cultivate and Get More Relationship Balance

May 3rd, 2012|15 Comments

Any in life is improved by active cultivation. Romance and Love are no different. Here's an easy to follow guide you can follow to get more.

13 03, 2012
  • fighting can be good for your relationship

How Fighting Can Actually Be Good

March 13th, 2012|4 Comments

No one likes to fight. Tension, anger, and hurt feelings aren’t often the ingredients to a nurturing and happy relationship but they can be.

8 02, 2012
  • weekend away with my lover

Weekend Getaways to Keep It Fresh

February 8th, 2012|2 Comments

Chances are, I’ll be bored with my relationship again this summer. Yet the relationship persists. In fact, in a few short weeks it will be stronger than ever. I intend for it to last the rest of my, or her, life.