If you lie, you die!

Want to be a better partner and soul mate ?

Fostering the growth of a bond between two people has many pitfalls and far far more rewards and riches.

Follow these simple step-by-step relationship tips and you’ll skyrocket your romance plus much more!.


Plant the Right Seeds

You both are starting a bond between two very different people – that’s what a relationship is … a bond.

Different backgrounds, preferences, and points of view.

You can either actively discuss with your soul mate about what is right OR you both can take no action at all – it’s your choice but you need to consider the upside which is why it’s important for you to finish reading this article, in full.

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Cultivate and get more abundance
Grow your relationship like growing a rose

Here are a few areas that are vitally important to talk about and agree upon, with your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend:

  • How do you both think i.e. do you think internally before expressing or are you an externally focused person who talks as you think.
  • Agree on no secrets or agendas – use positive psychology
    • You think that’s a no-no in a relationship, wouldn’t you?
      • But it’s surprising just how many people keep a grasp on their past and view their present relationship through ‘historical rose-colored glasses’.
    • The present has nothing at all to do with the past so give it up, for goodness sake.
    • This is all about being transparent
    • You might have had secrets in the past
      • it’s likely you’ll have come unstuck too
    • No secrets lead to never having to lie
      • that’s a good thing and maintains trust.
  • The Taboo of Sex
    • Sexual energy permeates our very being.
      • We were conceived through sexual energy.
    • It brings strength and healing to a relationship.
    • It bonds a couple through the most intimate of sharing
    • There are an abundant amount of non-nonsensical social and religious taboos that confuse most people.
  • Communication.
    • Wow, if any of our Polls are an indication, most people including myself firmly believe that
    • You simply have to be able to talk about anything and everything, despite how painful you think it might initially be.
    • Refer to The Taboo of Sex above.

Water Regularly

Without water, plants wither and die.

Relationships are the same.

They’re made up of actions, emotions, and goals – jointly as well as individually.

We all need to look within ourselves, to find how we’re able to be a participant instead of just sitting on the sidelines.

Water, Prune and Grow!

As a personal example, my love for my own soul mate was unquestioned. I love her with all my heart and soul, every part of my being is madly in love with her.

Romance and Love - How To Cultivate and Get More Relationship Balance 2

Some things happen for a reason
Some things are a wake-up call

But that’s from my point of view.

In the initial stages of our marriage, I was so consumed with my own thoughts and belief of my love for her, I slipped up on actually demonstrating it. Of course, this led to arguments … and a broken heart or three, along the way.

So I took some of my own relationship advice and started to ….


Pull Out the Weeds

You’ll end up with some broken romance, in every relationship.

Every relationship will experience the inevitable stresses and strains of partnered life, and each couple will choose their own way to address them.

There is a simple exercise that echoes the qualities of gentleness and compassion; and that emulates the complementary relationship of yin and yang – female and male energies.

Many couples have used it to help them understand and harmonize with each other.

Each partner takes a turn listening to what is upsetting his or her soul mate and then repeats what was said. This refocuses us away from our hurt and toward understanding the pain of our partner. It also allows us to know that our partner has heard what is painful for us.

Most of us dump our emotions on our soul mate and others like we dump our garbage.

We scream, we blame, we accuse, we belittle, we withdraw, we avoid romance and then we make up or we break up.

It is so easy to find fault with our partner or to conclude that something is wrong with the relationship.

Romance and Love - How To Cultivate and Get More Relationship Balance 3

Live for your relationship
Enjoy infinite joy and happiness

Actively find ways to rid yourselves of crap and focus on the joy.


Enjoy the Many Fruits

Typically, you’ll get into a relationship and within a short space of time, you’ll get into arguments, distractions, and into a headspace where you wonder whether that relationship is the right thing for you.

The biggest piece of relationship advice I can give to you is that cultivation will lead to bountiful rewards.

Just like keeping an eye on your bank account and all the little things you spend money on will boost your bank balance, looking out for your soul mate, a balanced romance and the emotional well-being of your partner, will all lead to:

  • a healthy relationship
  • packed with romance
  • abundant and loving sexual energy
  • never another broken heart
  • great communication will lead to your own intimate exchange of relationship advice
  • greater levels of physical intimacy and emotional intimacy


Romance and Love - How To Cultivate and Get More Relationship Balance 4

It is worth the effort
But you need to decide to do this yourself … for both your sakes!


Replant and Repeat

Nuff said. You keep doing, keep improving and keep your eyes on the importance of you both.


Got Your Own Tips?

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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  • What’s one thing you think we could all do to improve?
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