They’re Called An Ex For A Reason

forget your ex

It’s OK, you should do this

I might be young but I’ve got some advice to pass on, to guys and girls so listen up.

I’ve been a regular reader of GeekAndJock for a while now and bought some of their books which have helped me understand myself heaps.

It’s also given me lots of insights into what I should be avoiding too lol

I’ve been through a few of my own boyfriends so I want to speak from a bit of experience and hopefully help other readers.

What’s the topic of conversation?

That you’ve broken up with someone you once loved and you should just move on to your next

It’s a tough call to say ‘To Hell With Them, I Need To Forget and Move On’.


It’s Not That Natural

Listen, I know when I broke up with my previous boyfriend, I sank into depression and wondered what I could do to get back with him.

  • I was depressed.
  • I wondered what I’d done wrong.
  • I kept thinking about him
  • I was always seeing us both together
  • It was a shitty situation to be in

But is any of that a reason to go back to someone who ultimately wasn’t the right and real person to spend my life with?

They are all mental blocks that were prevented me from moving forward with my life.

It was only after I got a bit of counseling from Martin that my eyes were opened to what could be and not what I thought I wanted.

In Martin’s words: ‘there isn’t just one fish in the sea for you, there are potentially millions.

You just have to re-tune your head’,


First Step and Then Another

Healing from a breakup isn’t an easy process but that’s all it is, a process.

I first did some soul searching on what I did wrong and what I didn’t want in my life anymore.

It was surprisingly easy once you start. lol

I really went to the cleaners on myself lol

be smart and forget the ex, ok

Be smart and forget the ex, ok


Dump the Ex Forever

I didn’t count on my ex coming to his senses though.

He contacted me to get back together and I’m sure he realized he treated me like a doormat and woke up!

No way was I going to get back in that rotating door. I know my girlfriends have done it before, again and again, and it only ends badly.

Not me. It was time to Girl Up and get going!


One Door Closes

OMG, it really is true!

As the saying goes, another door opened.

Making space allowed it to be filled with something else. It was like a magnet.

I did some work with Martin first, on who I wanted. He’s written about finding your true love before, so go hunt that down and study it as I did.

I had a very clear picture of my real dream guy. Not what he specifically looked like but what he represented. You know, the qualities, the morals, the real inner him. That kind of picture.

It was very different from the other guys I had chanced upon in my past too. That was a real eye-opener.

leave the ex behind and move forward

Leave the ex behind and move forward


So What’s Been My Learning Here?

I’ve read here before that ‘An Ex Is a Called an Ex For a Reason’. Nuff said.

Stop trying to hold on to your past when it has run its course.

Man Up, Girls and Boys.

Learn from your past, make sure you change yourself from that learning, and spring into your future.

Because the right doors will eventually open for you and you’ll be so thankful you allowed it to happen.

Thank you to my darling man, Eric, for being you.


Speak Your Mind Because I Know You Have One

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  • Have you done it yourself, in the past?
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