singles searching for soulmate

Singles Searching For Their Second Half

Is it really so hard to find your second half?

There are more and more single people in this world and the statistics keep growing.

Some of them choose to be single deliberately, others are divorced and the rest just can’t find their match feeling lonely and being sometimes in despair.

Is it really so hard to find your second half?

We have asked our friends, single Russian ladies, and they revealed their opinion.

Well, the problem is that most people are pretty sure how their match should look like, they create their own ‘perfection’ parameters in their mind and want other people to meet their expectations.

They form their ideas not only about their perfect match’s appearance but also about his or her traits of character, tastes and habits.

Acting that way they really forget about the fact that when it comes to feelings no parameters, plans or schemes are appropriate.

I hope you are not one of such ‘planners’ but if you ARE, please, remember that you are looking for an alive person but not for a closet which should match the color of the rest of your furniture.

If you continue on the same lines you are at risk of never meeting your second half even if he or she lives next door.


So rule #1:

No calculations and premature conclusions.

It’s impossible to foresee everything in love matters before hand.

Don’t be in a hurry to say ‘no’ even if the candidate seems to you not the one you want him or her to be.

You may totally change your opinion after some time.


Rule #2:

It doesn’t matter where to get acquainted.

Some people think that there is a list of places which are the best ones to meet your match.

Well, if you are looking for a person of definite preferences, for example, the one who is interested in art, then sure you had better visit art galleries, theatres, etc.

But there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

When people visit exhibitions their aim is to familiarize themselves with the works of art and to get pleasure from them.

They don’t think about their future wives or husbands while looking at Van Gogh’s paintings or Michelangelo’s sculptures.

So it’s not the place that matters.

The main thing is to be exceptionally attentive to distinguish your perfect match in the crowd, brave enough to come up and talk, and extremely wise not to let him or her go.


Rule #3:

No advisers when it comes to your personal life.

There is a type of people who like giving advice.

They are not interested in whether you need it or not and what consequences it may lead to, they just talk.

Their opinions may be based on their personal vision of the situation and at best they are not substantiated by any facts.

At worst they are based on gossip which usually distorts the real state of affairs.

So don’t follow anybody’s advice in your love matters.

Use your own brain to make conclusions and nip such pieces of advice in the bud.

Otherwise, they will poison your relationship and cause the break with the human who might have become the closest and the dearest person to you.


Rule #4:

Learn to forgive and be blind to trifles.

no-one is perfect in a relationship

Nobody’s perfect and you are not an exception.

Remember about that while dating somebody and don’t let any unimportant little mistakes of your partner ruin your relationship.

Don’t ever expect your date to be flawless because on the one hand it’s impossible and on the other hand there isn’t much fun in looking at a totally white sheet of paper.

The one with some bright colorful splashes of paint looks much more attractive.


Rule #5:

There exists only one perfect match.

You can have as many relationships in your life as you want but while dating a lot of girls or boys there is a good chance to miss the one who could become your second half.

Sure you can marry somebody else after that but such a marriage is unlikely to be happy.

Do you know why?

Because when an accident happens and a person loses one of their limbs the only thing they can count for is a prosthesis but it doesn’t bring them the feeling of integrity back.


What’s Your Opinion?

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  • How’d you recognise your current partner?
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2 thoughts on “How Not To Lose The Chance To Meet Your Second Half”
  1. OK, so basicly from everything that is written here ill never find my better second half, i should prob go kill me self and just end this misserable life i guess

    1. I really don’t think that is the crux of the post, Jack.
      You need to be more aware of who comes into your life and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities you might normally miss. If you ask me, you will have more chances to find your ‘other half’, not less.
      and good luck in your searching too

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