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Curious To Blossom?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it certainly won’t kill a budding relationship.

When you’re starting out dating someone new, few things are more important to the ‘getting-to-know-you’ process than being genuinely curious about the other person.

Finding out a lot about the other person’s interests, tastes, background, work, friends, family, and ambitions are all a part of finding out whether you might be ready for a deeper connection.

Here are some top tips for letting curiosity guide your journey of getting to know a new person while dating.

Be curious to blossom your relationship
Be curious to blossom your relationship


You Have To Want To

Don’t just ask questions simply because it’s part of the regular dating script.

Ask yourself before the date if you care about getting to know this person.

If you’re honestly curious to find out what shapes this person’s outlooks on life, it will show and you’ll be able to cut through to the really interesting parts of your date’s personality.

This will tell you whether there’s potential there.


Take It Slowly

Be careful not to dive straight in and ask your date something deeply personal straight off the bat.

They’re more likely to be put off and clam up than spill their secrets to you in the first meeting.

Make sure the other person feels comfortable and secure with you – and also that you’ve shared an appropriate amount about yourself – before sharing the more personal aspects of their life.


Think About Some Interesting Starters

Questions will often give rise to other questions, so make sure you follow up on any interesting topics that come up.

Many online dating sites offer suggestions about great conversation starters – think about some questions that may be out of the ordinary.

Start slow, easy and simple, with the conversation
Start slow, easy and simple, with the conversation



Show That You’re Interested

One way of showing that you find the other person interesting is to make a mental note of what they’ve been talking about, and follow up before further dates.

For example, if they recommend a film or album, track it down and then you’ll be able to talk about it next time – this will prove that you weren’t just asking questions for the sake of conversation.

In eHarmony Australia’s recent filmmaking competition – which offered $10,000 to the best video to answer the question “What is compatibility?”, runner-up ‘Blind(fold) Date’ explores how a good sense of curiosity promotes a connection in the early stages of a potential relationship.

The creators simply blindfold two people as they talk to each other, answering simple stimulus questions.

They are asked to remove their blindfold when they feel a connection.

Watch the video here to see what happens…


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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Curiosity in a New Relationship”
  1. This is why relationships between very different people can actually work out. Through your partner, you can see a life being lived differently from yours, and that’s an adventure in itself.

    “It’s because we are so different that we have so much to share.”

  2. The trick is finding someone that you can be in a relationship with for years, who still has the ability to surprise you.

  3. yes being curious for something will a=make you to love someone really. i have seen with many of my friends that after being in a relation with some one with such a long time their curiosity just goes to level zero and that’s the time when relations are finished

  4. it is very much sure that if you do not have curiosity in your relationship then you will fed up from your partner and you will be very much frustrated so it plays a vital role in building up a relation

    1. Oh yes, definitely!
      If my guy didn’t take a real interest in me and what I do and who I am, I don’t think there’s much point in having a relationship, do you?
      Be interested and be curious, don’t you think? lol

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