Let Travel Be Sexy

What's on the menu if you like naughtiness when abroad?

Let’s face it, there is a great deal about travel that is just plain sexy.

Touching down in a far-off location, experiencing the new sights and sounds, and meeting beautiful people from around the world who only have fun on their minds can be incredibly arousing.

Why do you think that so many hookups take place when people are on holiday?

While traveling as a single person offers plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with locals or other travelers, what if you’re traveling as a couple and want to experience something a little bit more exotic than the street food?

What is on the menu for those who like a bit of naughtiness while abroad?

Many who are interested in a little bit of naughty fun often choose an Asian location like Thailand or the Philippines, but for those couples who want to travel to Europe, and want to indulge their wild sides, there are still plenty of sexy options.

If London is on your next travel itinerary, and you’re interested in exploring more of the city’s wild side, check out this list of the best swingers clubs in London.

You and your partner will be very, very glad that you did.


1. Club Hermione

A private club for swingers and single ladies in London, Club Hermione offers parties in elegant locations around the city.

As with any private club, a membership is required, but the application process is simple enough.

These parties are exclusive, and you can expect to meet and mingle with some of London’s most attractive and sensual people.

If you’re familiar with the swinger’s scene then you know that strict rules do apply, and single men are not allowed.

That being said, if you’re a single man and would like to take part in one of these incredibly sensual events, find a date in London for the evening and let your fantasies take control.

It's OK to be yourself

It’s OK to be yourself


2. The Hellfire Club 

Located in Sunbury-on-Thames, the Hellfire Club has a little something for everyone.

From themed fetish nights to “needy girl” Wednesdays, the Hellfire Club appeals to a wide range of sexy people looking to have some naughty fun.

The Hellfire Club also admits single gentlemen as long as he submits a membership application and it is approved.

The Hellfire Club is the city’s oldest and most storied swinger’s club, and it sees its membership roster continually grow by leaps and bounds.

With a strong focus on safety and fun, the Hellfire Club is the perfect place for couples and singles to enjoy the company of other naughty minded adults.

Membership dues are incredibly inexpensive, as are admission fees.

This club is a must for anyone spending time in London.


 3. Ess & Emm

While not in London proper, Ess & Emm is located in Warwickshire and is very near to the Birmingham airport.

Billed as a bed and breakfast, Ess & Emm is the perfect getaway for couples or groups who want to explore everything bondage, S & M, and fetish-related.

The rooms come equipped in true dungeon fashion, and can even be rented by the hour under certain circumstances.

It’s up to you to find the right person, or persons, to join you at Ess & Emm.

But with the right people, the possibilities for fun are endless.

Don't knock it until you've tried it

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it


4. Hedonism UK

Hedonism UK, also known as Couples Zone, is definitely a one-stop shop when it comes to everything swinger-related in the U.K.

Non-U.K. residents are eligible for membership, and Couples Zone is perfect for travelers who want to spend their days sightseeing and their nights enjoying other kinds of sights.

The parties are held in various locations around the city, which include private homes and clubs.

Admission for singles is always a non-issue, as Hedonism hosts parties specifically for singles and mixed couples.

With a plethora of party guests to meet and mingle with, Hedonism UK is definitely one of the top choices for swingers who are visiting London for just a short time.


If you’re the type of traveler who would rather experience more non-traditional activities when you’re on holiday then a visit to one of these fantastic swingers’ parties might be just the type of experience you’re looking for.

No matter what you’re into and no matter what turns you on, you can feel confident that you can satisfy your every urge or whim.

What are you waiting for?

If London is on your travel list get your membership to one of these clubs today, and when your plane touches down you’ll know exactly where to go for the experience of a lifetime.


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