The 2nd Biggest Decision

You want your honeymoon to be memorable, enjoyable and, most of all, fun!

A marriage is the biggest decision most people make in their lives.

Planning and picking the honeymoon destination is probably the second biggest.

You want yours to be memorable, enjoyable and, most of all, fun!

Thankfully, I’ve traveled the world quite a bit and write about my exploits too.

Here’s my Top 10 honeymoon spots that you really do need to check out and make a part of your first big adventure together.

Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite.


10. Thailand

Though it may have interested you back when you were single for entirely different reasons (read Goa Trance, Full Moon parties), Thailand has no lack of romantic hotspots for honeymooners.

  • brightly painted everything
  • elephant rides through the jungle
  • various festivities around the year
  • unforgettable massages
  • enticing tropical cuisine

That is more than enough to convince some to plan their honeymoon in Thailand, but for those who are still iffy, perhaps this picture of a Thai beach will help:

Koh Ngai beach

Koh Ngai, Thailand


9. Aruba

If the Beach Boys sang about it, it must be good.

And it is, it is so so good.

Perfect weather year round makes it a beach honeymoon whenever you plan your ceremony.

Many hotels here support the One Cool Honeymoon Program, showering their newlywed guests with gifts and vouchers.


8. The Whitsundays

Australia as a island is gigantic, and depending on your interests, you and your better half will be better off to just pick one or two destinations and stay there.

In terms of romantic, sandy getaways, the Whitsunday Islands take the lead.

This mini-archipelago is pristine and white, and you could visit via liveaboard boat, docking only to explore, and spending the rest of your time together on a boat.

If you prefer a more “civilized” approach, the qualia on Hamilton Island (despite its quirky name, a VERY modern, up-scale resort), and the One&Only on Hayman Island (qualia’s biggest competition) are the way to go.


The Whitsundays


7. Costa Rica

If your wedding involved organic food, then you might be considering a greener honeymoon destination as well.

All islands are green per se, but Costa Rica is one of those special islands making twice the effort.

The government put a lot of funds into preserving the island’s flora and fauna, meaning your lovey-dovey outdoors time will be spent in the freshest of air and the cleanest of waters.


6. Bali

Much like Thailand, but possibly better prepared for couples, Bali is a great destination for your post-nuptials.

The beaches are as white as anywhere else, the water is as clear, the couples’ activities as varied, but the combination of all of these has made its way into traditional honeymoon terminology.


5. Bermuda

Another one we first experienced thanks to the Beach Boys!

The beaches of the Bermudas are made of fine pink sand, to the satisfaction of most brides.

The islands are interconnected with sturdy rope bridges, giving you a chance to run off into paradise together and experience your first married-couple adventures surrounded by rather stunning decor.


4. Jamaica

Jamaica is one of those places that you revisit again and again, especially if you already live in the Western hemisphere.

Every pamphlet telling the story of Jamaican beaches tells a story of sand, fun, smiling faces, and rum.

The Jamaican landscape will leave you speechless, and the siren seascape lures visitors into coming back for seconds.

Not to mention that years of tourism have helped the island prepare itself into the perfect mecca for honeymooners, wishing to just relax after all the planning they had to make before the ceremony.


3. Mexico

Mexico is another destination that has placed itself into tradition.

As all Americans know, once you complete a big quest, you have to run off to Mexico, and start a hotel there.

Now, fortunately, not everybody is Mickey and Mallory Knox, but you could easily rent a room on some remote Mexican beach and bond over spicy cuisine and passionate serenades.


2. Tahiti

French Polynesia, as a whole, functions as an island paradise but Tahiti is basically uncompromised honeymoon territory.

Surrounded by equally fascinating islands, Tahiti has much to offer, dowsed in scents of hibiscus and papaya.

The permanently sunny, temperate climate makes it perfect year round.

Sunbathing, watersports, pristine white sandy beaches, snorkeling and diving opportunities literally all around the island, this is not a location to be missed!


Tahiti overwater bungalows by Michael R Perry


1. Fiji

Any which one of these destinations could hold the official title of Paradise on Earth, but only Fiji does.


The magical blend of remote islands – wild and tame – volcanic hot springs, tropical brunches, and romance makes it the number one destination for couples looking to begin their life together on a beach.


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  • Do you agree with any that you’ve already visited?
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Kate Flannery is a traveler and blogger who spent her own honeymoon in Bora Bora and Tahiti, trekking down jungle paths and diving with sharks. She is a fan of spicy food and island aesthetics.

Kate – who has written posts on GeekandJock.