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Start the Sexual Adventure Early

Chances are that this has been going on for longer than both of you may think. Time to change!

There is this popular notion that after a while (especially after marriage) a couple’s sex life tends to become a routine, some even believe that it is right after the honeymoon that things tend to go downhill.

While I would agree that there is some truth to that, I’d rather call it the calming of an emotional storm, where the incredible explosions you have once experienced with your lover evolve into a slightly dimmed, but nevertheless constant flame.

There is a way however to spice things up, as long as you and your partner keep an open mind and remain honest when it comes to your needs and feelings.

Read on.

In my opinion, spicing things up in your sex life shouldn’t begin when you finally realize that something is missing, because chances are that this has been going on for longer than both of you may think, therefore making it harder to “get back on track”.

I am fortunate enough to be in a relationship with a person who, just like me, is an adventurous person in that sense, and I may be somewhat biased in that sense, but I believe that some sort of experimentation should be always present, right from the start.



Roleplaying is a great way to overcome what sometimes may be a monotonous sex life, and it doesn’t involve any deviancy (well, unless that’s what you are looking for), but pure imagination.

There is some work to be done though.

You have to make sure that both of you are feeling fully comfortable with the assigned roles – a result of proper communication.

You should also keep a track of each other’s reactions and always talk about your experiences afterwards.

This will keep any misunderstandings at bay, and provide you with the exact adventure you are looking for.


Change of Scenery

have fun with sexual play and remember it is healthy
Have fun with sexual play and remember it is healthy

It is not a mystery that the environment we find ourselves in can greatly influence our behavior and state of mind. It is therefore highly recommended to change your sexual surrounding as well.

Usually this would involve going somewhere new for the weekend, after all we’ve all experienced a much higher sex drive when traveling to new places. Outdoor sex, for one, is both an experience and an adrenaline rush! But there is a simpler alternative.

You will be surprised at how much simply changing the love-making spot can positively influence your sex life.

Have a look around your place, I’m sure you will find plenty of places to experiment with.


Polygamy is an Option

This isn’t for everyone, and I encourage to think twice before jumping into the waters of polygamy, as there isn’t really a way back after that.

Both you and your partner must be completely comfortable with themselves and each other in order for this to succeed, but if you are looking to experience new things together, and not simply an opportunity at having sex with someone else, this option has the potential to offer incredible adventures.

You should preferably start with including another person into your sexual life.

There are many dating sites and professional escort services through which you should have no trouble finding a perfect, and most importantly, healthy participant.

Again, after the experience, you should retrospect and see whether this has helped or fulfilled you in anyway and decide whether it is something you both are willing to do again.

Just like with any issue, proper communication is key to a healthy relationship.

More often than not, stating the problem and talking about it will solve any issue.

As long as you are both aware of each other’s needs and remain tolerant and willing to help, your relationship will remain a fiery one.


What’s Your Opinion?

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Sex Life Diversity: Experimenting with Your Loved One(s) 2

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