I was reading in the newspaper the other day about some serious staffing relationship issues.

Discrimination and those Hooters

This article was around discrimination where Hooters have fired women who were overweight.

Now obviously these women are suggesting their civil rights were violated and we have here in the United States a law that bans “weight discrimination”.

So I got to wondering, businesses that view their staff as one of their main features, if the staff then fail to live up to expectations, then certainly how could that be called discrimination?

I’ve got a friend that works as an assistant manager at Hooters and I’ve been told overweight ladies work in the back office.

I mean, how many people really want to go to Hooters to see overweight women in short orange shorts and a tightfitting white top?

I’d even go so far as to say that I’d find it hard to believe that these girls didn’t know that they have to remain attractive to remain employed.

Now, I believe for the majority of jobs is irrelevant whether you be a man or woman, providing you have the skills and capacity to do the job.

And I am totally against discrimination however a company’s image holds a very high value and obviously, that affects revenue.

If I was 99, I doubt whether I’d be able to work at Hooters.

So that would be age discrimination, as an example. I’m sure these girls weren’t naïve enough to honestly believes that they would remain employed by Hooters just for their personalities.

Goodness me, Hooters makes money blatantly off their front-line girl’s appearance.

What do you think?

Is it discrimination, in these circumstances?

Too Fat to be a Hooters Girl? Hmmm 1

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