The Truth About Men

Men are visual creatures.

Men notice and store images without thinking and those images get recalled without any conscious effort or thought.

Without putting too fine a point on it, women might think that a short skirt and revealing blouse makes them look pretty and beautiful which they do.

From the masculine gender’s point of view though, the male eye instantly notices these things and they get stored.


Visuals and the Next Step

But do women actually know that those same eyes extrapolate the vision even further?

With those highly visual eyes and a mix of testosterone, it’s also likely that the woman with the plunging neckline has just been mentally undressed.

If she’s walking down the street in the City Centre, it’s probable that that woman has been mentally undressed by a hundred guys.

Do you have young daughters who wear short pants and tight-fitting tops?

You can probably understand why Fathers are more vocal about their daughters covering up ‘their bits’ as they well know what hormone-fueled young males will be thinking about.

I’m sure many feminists are likely to shout me down as they’d think that mindset belongs back in the stone-age BUT that’s just how our wiring is, plain and simple.

The only thing that feminism has done to those thought patterns is to lock them away in the ‘Man Vault’, where we rarely take them out.


What’s a Man Vault?

I’m going to let you ladies in on a secret.

And it’s secret men carry with them always.

A secret you might have some sort of idea but didn’t really understand the extent of it.

The vast majority of guys are very visual. You might not have ever noticed your male partner suddenly jerking his head away as you were walking along, have you? Maybe he doesn’t but this leads into what that ‘Male Vault’ is all about.

The wiring inside a man’s head continually captures images. Men have little control over the process. That lack of control extends to past images popping into their heads.

It’s more prevalent in younger males but older guys are similarly affected.


You Thought Guys Were Just Perverts?

Perverts? Not so.

As an example, I know of many other guys I’ve spoken to about that male visual vault.

Wow, that chick is one for the ‘spank bank’!

That’s a popular expression a few past colleagues had fun in yelling.

While I am very mindful and respectful in trying to avoid snapping these images in the company of my wife, today’s environment of sexual freedom, expression, and all the provocative advertising imagery make it so freaking difficult to avoid ‘snapping into the spank bank’.

Understanding the Male Radar 1

The booby trap isn’t just for all us ordinary guys.
Even famous guys get busted.
Have you ever been busted by a booby trap?

To be honest, the only images I’d like in there are those of my wife – the one person in the world that I want to know everything about me (and should).


Impact On a Woman Partner

Interestingly though, the majority of wives and girlfriends also have their own self-image challenges.

Oddly enough, my second wife Pam Allen suggests she doesn’t – indicating she feels no hurt or internal dialogue if I were to linger on looking at another woman in the street.

That’s certainly the exception to the rule as well as being somewhat odd.

Most women are bombarded on a daily basis by media and peer pressures in having to be of a certain body type, breast size, facial feature, or hairstyle.

They then have to internally compete with their man’s attention with other shapely and attractive alternatives that are in constant view and which wives internally believe they’re unable to compete with.

Understanding the Male Radar 2

If only they would :)

That’s a lot of pressure.

While a man is wired in a certain way, there’s also a responsibility to aim at controlling the urge as well as respect for their lady and the protection of her self-confidence.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Understanding the Male Radar 3

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