George Michael sang that “sex is natural, sex is fun” but he missed sex’s best feature – it’s healthy for you!


Here’s a compiled list of 5 health benefits to sex.

Share them with your partner tonight.

Headache Cure

Endorphins or “happy hormones” help make you feel relaxed and close to your partner.

Women get more headaches and migraines than men, which is why women are infamous for claiming they can’t have sex because of their headaches.

But in some cases sex can actually relieve some types of headaches and migraines, especially tension-type headaches.

Some people find pain relief in the orgasm while others get it while at the height of sexual arousal.

During foreplay and sex, neurones in the brain and the pituitary gland secrete two powerful pain-killing hormones during sexual arousal – oxytocin and endorphins.

Synthetic oxytocin is a powerful narcotic pain reliever, but natural oxytocin is effective at relieving headaches and mild cramps.


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Endorphins or “happy hormones” help make you feel relaxed and close to your partner.


Better Sleep

Men are infamous for falling asleep after sex, but this turns out to work in their bodies’ favour. Some women also find that an orgasm helps them relax enough to drift off to sleep.

What’s so important about getting better sleep?

A lot!

With deeper and less disturbed sleep, the body is better able to handle stress because it is able to better concentrate, make decisions and learn new information.

Drowsy or tired people become easily agitated and have problems following instructions and making even simple decisions.

A body that is stressed has more difficulty fighting off illnesses.

Stress can help cause or intensify illness, especially if there is a contagious illness in the vicinity.


Stimulates Cardiovascular System

The blood contains the nutrients and energy that your body needs.

If your blood is sluggish, then your body will not work at its maximum efficiency.

Becoming sexually aroused quickens breathing, heart rate and blood flow.

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Better pumping leads to better pumping (Pardon the pun)

This inner workout helps keep your blood flowing to all parts of your body.

It also helps stimulate the body to push out toxins.

And inside of your blood are endorphins and oxytocin to help reduce pain and raise feelings of contentment and security.


Weight Loss

Exercise never need be boring again. “Regular” sexual intercourse for a half hour burns a whopping 150 calories.

Weight loss experts advise that exercising for a half hour at least three times a week will help you reach a healthy weight. If you and your partner have sex three times a week, or a total of 90 minutes per week.

That’s 450 calories burned off in just one week.

But what if you are shy about how you currently appear naked?

You could have sex in the dark or find a powerful reason to stick to a diet.

When a partner is happy with your naked body then this is not only a great boost to one’s self-esteem, but also a pleasurable reward for dieting and exercising.

This pleasure helps to reinforce the habits of dieting and exercise.


Increase in Healthy Hormones

People with a reduced or inactive sex life suffer the effects of low oestrogen or testosterone.

Women also produce testosterone but at much lower levels than men.

Sexual activity helps raise the levels of these hormones in the body. When it comes to oestrogen and testosterone, it’s a case of “use it or lose it.”

Oestrogen helps women’s bodies maintain bone and muscle strength, keeps the heart performing normally and helps makes their bodies smell attractive to men.

Testosterone also helps maintain bone strength and muscle strength and heart health in men, but also can make them much more easily aroused than women.

Both men and women produce lower levels of oestrogen and testosterone as they age, but that doesn’t mean the sex drive is lost.

Senior citizens often report having a more satisfying sex life than younger people.


Got Any of Your Own?

That’s 5 – Can you think of any others?

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