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A review of a ‘women only’ book done by a guy?

I began to realize that there’s so much about men that we don’t understand, and that men don’t even know we don’t know

Well, listen up, I was keen to see just how accurate and factual a book about the Inner Lives of Men could be when done by a woman.

The back cover has a quote of  “the truth about the inner life he desperately wants you to read

Surprisingly (to me at least after the time I read it), that was SO TRUE and profound.

It was like my entire internal relational and thought processes were opened.

I often have laughed with other guys about ‘Don’t let your wife know that, it’s a Man Secret and belongs in ‘The Vault’.

We always need to lock that stuff away in our inner vaults.

Maybe it’s just a form of self-preservation that’s been learned over the ages, from getting misunderstood and in trouble from the fairer sex.


The ‘Everything In A Man’s Head’ Book

This is all of those Top Secrets, condensed into an easy-to-read 200-page book. When I say, ‘secrets’, men typically have a defined reason for their actions.

For the majority of things in that vault, they’d dearly love their woman to know them, understand them and be totally supportive of them too.

Who else does a man have to intimately confide in but his trusting wife?

In the day-to-day ravages of the outside Corporate World, there is only his one true friend, lover, and wife.

Most women have no clue about that secret, so there’s one to whet your appetite :)

If any woman is remotely interested in how they can get all of their own wishes to come true then gaining the inside scoop on how a male thinks and reacts to the world’s stimulus will get you those relationship treasures you always thought were unattainable.

Shaunti Feldhahn  …  I began to realize that there’s so much about men that we don’t understand, and that men don’t even know we don’t know

Men Can Understand Themselves As Well

Funny that but I also better understood why I did certain things myself.


Review: For Women Only - Inner Lives Of Men 1
Guys usually think of romance at a base level.
They really want to just be with you, wherever that might be.
Think about all those lost opportunities when you could be with him and doing stuff with him. Even golf could be a romantic trip for you both

Then this is certainly a must-have user manual on the inner workings of how men think and you need to add it to your ‘Gain a better marriage’ arsenal.


Pam Allen’s Thoughts?

Here’s what my second wife had to say after she read ‘For Women Only – What You Need To Know About The Inner Lives Of Men’.

  • I just didn’t realize or understand that men had this secret visual storage thing in their brains – and they can’t help themselves either.
  • I thought that sex was simply something that men wanted as they had a much higher sex drive than women.
    • I really didn’t think for a moment that that’s how they determine that they are loved.
    • So much different from how I think of being loved
  • Nice to talk about this whole male competitive thing.
    • (Martin: I elaborated on why it’s so important for me personally to have someone I can really confide in – I simply don’t trust anyone else with such intimate details).
  • It was fascinating to better understand that men think about romance so differently than women.


If that isn’t a recommendation to all women, I’d don’t know what is!

Review: For Women Only - Inner Lives Of Men 2
As a woman, do you think you can have a truly open mind, with acceptance?

Providing you allow yourself to have an open mind and really want to better understand the pitfalls men walk each and every day as well as opening your eyes to what their real, true priorities are in the lives they desire to walk in with their woman, you’ll reap untold benefits you only dreamed might be possible.

This book really does open doorways to allow a balanced and powerful partnership between two loving people.

I couldn’t recommend it more.


Review Wrap-up

On a score out of ten, I’d rate the value and benefit as well as ease of reading, with a nice subtle dose of humor:

4.5 / 5

Pros: Powerful ‘male’ secrets revealed – to the benefit of the entire relationship.

Cons: Lacks some examples of how women have used the material. Some ladies might be challenged in putting the newfound information into practice.


Review: For Women Only - Inner Lives Of Men 3

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2 thoughts on “Review: For Women Only – Inner Lives Of Men”
  1. Hello Geek,

    Great post – One that seems fitting of the book! I especially appreciated hearing from both you and your wife.

    This type of book is really soooo essential in today's world. But I think for this to be totally effective, a book for men only about the inner lives of women should be written right along, and each read by both spouses/partners. Why stop in the middle of the street?

    Our US society has conditioned people to shy away from being open-minded regarding relationships. Which is a shame. Hopefully this book helps bridge that for men and women going forward.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    1. Hey Keri – thanks for your visit and comment.
      Well, there is actually another book for men to read about the inner minds of women – it's on my reading list which is starting to bank up at the moment :)

      Why do you think society has conditioned people to shy away from open-mindedness about relationships though – I'd have thought it was the reverse so interested in your thoughts on this.

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