online media promotes unhealthy self image issues in women

The things I come across on the Internet ☺

You know all those ‘women’s magazines’ that give our ladies supposed insights into a man’s mind – they think they’re the gurus on sex and relationship advice for women.

Ever read any of them?

I actually did for 3 months – the housemate I was living with had a girlfriend who used to give me all her Cosmopolitan type of magazines.

It’s interesting and certainly, the same misconceptions apply in ‘Men’s magazines’ as well.

You know all those self-help columns titled ‘I need relationship problem advice – please help me.’

Men and women most definitely have a confused and mixed-up notion of how the other gender thinks. Probably the reason there’s such an abundant number of Psychoanalysts, Therapists, and Relationship Counselling.

And what’s at the root of the challenges each gender faces? It’s the ‘C’ word.



Let’s run through some examples and what better way to do that is with a mockup image of Cosmo that’s revealing the truth about so many fundamental errors.

cosmo getting it wrong about your relationship

Sex – You’re doing it WRONG dammit!

I’m Stupid When It Comes To Sex

Come on now!

Sure, we all should be doing research into ways to better ourselves in everything we do and that includes love-making. The challenge with all these men’s and women’s publications are they continue to hammer the point home that everyone’s just crap at sex.

Given the world’s population, someone must be doing something right. There’s an enormous amount of useful information as well as guidance to be found be simply typing your question into Google and flicking through a few of the websites dedicated to such things.

We’ll even be happier to answer any questions you might have.

Life is a great teacher and both Will and I have lived through some interesting times – just ask us!


Tone That Butt For Better Sex and Romance

Yeah, that’s right ladies, your view of yourself is just plain wrong and you need to always think that.

If you want to really know about looking great when you’re naked, check out this eBook – ‘Look Great Naked At Any Age’

This age-old chestnut of making women feel insecure about their looks is overworked by the media, isn’t it?

Is it any wonder that ladies of the world have self-image issues?

Everywhere they turn, they’re told they need to do some sort of continual improvement so men (and other women) will see them in a different light – well, in any light that they’re not currently in right now.

Again, exercise is a good thing for healthy living, longevity, and especially balancing your relationship.

Exercise is great in getting the endorphins pumping and that makes you feel fantastic.

Exercise is powerful for shedding body fat and that’s great for your wardrobe and wallet/purse – say goodbye to all those clothes that are ill-fitting and hello to more good fitting clothes.

What’s wrong with exercise is it’s a tool used by advertising to make you think you’re something you’re not.

If YOU think you need to get fit and tone up, it’s probably that you should.

Chances are your partner loves you for more than just a bit of body fat on your butt – if he thought otherwise, do you think he’d be with you now?

See my post on ‘ The Best Ways To Screw Up A Relationship


Naked on the Cover

“It’s all about marketing.”

Sex sells and since lots of women have self-image thoughts (as do guys incidentally), putting words like ‘Naked’ and ‘Sex …’ on the cover of any publication will always spark interest or curiosity.

I’m all for marketing your product as long as it’s always a win-win situation.

I suspect these words are being used to target ladies and raise the whole self-image issue again.

In reading these women’s mags, I find the premise might be about self-improvement however I strongly suspect it’s more around prolonging and strengthening the issue of self-image doubt and therefore ensuring the publication’s very existence.


Remove a Limb for Great Weight Loss

Again, more self-image and self-confidence doubts.

It’s certainly well known that the modern world suffers heavily from obesity. Fast food, fast lifestyle, and lack of body exercise.

And that’s both men as well as women.

I see this target marketing in men’s issues as well. You know the ones like ‘Get that 6 pack in just 6 weeks!’.

My goodness, unless you’re already in great shape with a very fast metabolism and you’re just shedding the overindulgent Christmas pudding and feasting, forget these sorts of garbage articles.

Body fat stems from the evolution process and to change how your body stores fat, you’re looking at lifestyle changes.

Body fat is perceived by the body cycle as food. When it thinks that there’s a potential future need, it’s going to store some.

And isn’t it terrific just where it’s stored too? All those places we hate it stored. Men gripe about the fat tummy, ladies about the fat bottom, hips, and, possibly, boobs. (Doubtful many guys will object to the last one)


Sex Tips and Hump Like an Alley Cat

Yep, another circulation marketing grab.

Magazines are forever telling us all that our lovemaking must be so boring. Sure, every relationship between consenting adults can always deserve a little spicing up. Just a little bit of communication with your partner and a little bit of added Google spice will get you where you need to go.

What you don’t need is to be bombarded with weirdo antics from a bunch of people who probably are less sex educated than the average cave bear.

You should be initially trying a few toys, some new positions for variety, and maybe some adult movies – providing both parties are consenting and agreeable.

Help this along with some online education; and avoid the useless subscription-enhancing advice from the likes of Cosmo, Woman’s Weekly, and Men’s Health.


Be Real and Genuine

Ladies of the world unite in the feeling that real men will love you for who you are.

If they fail to do so, you’ve got the wrong one.

Changes in your life and body need to be your decision based on reality – not on what subscription pushing magazines and the media push on you.

They make their money in getting you to buy a product by inserting uncertainty into your view of yourself and reality.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • What’s one thing you think today’s woman does wrong?
  • Can you see a world where women aren’t affected by the media’s attention on their looks?

And thanks for reading too – Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Cosmo needs more of the ‘C’ word – a Relationship Guide”
  1. hahaha
    Serious subject I know. But I laughed out loud when I clicked to see the bigger image, guys. I've sent blog to a few of my friends for a laugh as well.

    'Tickle his prostate with an eggbeater'? Yeah, these magazines do put in some ridiculous articles in the distant hope it sparks increased magazine sales and circulation numbers. I'm sure some of their outlandish article subjects might be interesting for a sexy experiment but most would be classified as simply weird.

    Christina Hendricks? No thanks, very much. Yeah, sure, boobs are nice to look at. Hers seem a little disproportionate to the rest of her.

  2. Very sad the population is dominated by the marketing idiots who constantly portray women as these young skinny perfectly proportioned females with flawless skin and complexions.

    While I had a laugh and tongue in cheek words you wrote, the serious side to it all is that there is a large percentage of ladies out there being brainwashed by the bombardment of self-image abuse. Thanks for the laugh and thanks for the stab at the media idiots too. Nice one.

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