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Can Belly Fat Really Affect Your Sex Life?

Are you going through a troubled sex life?

Is your belly bulging out and making you too tired to enjoy those romantic activities?

Belly fat is one of the primary reasons for a disturbed sexual life faced by many couples.

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OK, something’s gotta give there

This fat is accumulated around the mid-section of your body giving rise to a number of health issues. Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food are the main causes of this fat.

You may wonder how belly fat affects your sex life.

But it is true that abdominal fat is unhealthy for both men and women and it can stand as a barrier between you and your partner to enjoy those very special moments of life.


Just Why Is Abdominal Fat a Problem?

Today we are going through a fast-paced lifestyle that allows us very little time for ourselves.

Couples, now-a-days remain so busy in their professional and personal lives that they are unable to focus on their sexual life. After day’s hard work, they are stressed and sleep seems to be the only recourse.

On one hand when this is the case with a maximum a number of people, there are people who face problems in their sexual life due to other issues like abdominal fat.


How Can Abdominal Fat Affect Your Sexual Activities?

If you have tummy fat and you are not enjoying your sex life, it is really a matter of concern.

You need to know how visceral fat or tummy fat can impact your bedroom activities.

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Doesn’t look like this guy is having any trouble

This fat accumulates around your liver and other important organs.

When your omentum releases fat, some of the fat goes straight to the liver and then to your arteries.

This fat can seriously damage your blood vessels.

As a result of all this, clogged arteries and blood vessels will reduce the flow of blood to your heart and other organs of your body, including your genitals. If a man or a woman has a low blood circulation in their genitals, they cannot have sexual pleasure.

A man can have trouble in maintaining or getting an erection.

Thus you cannot have a healthy sex life if you have low blood circulation, resulting from your belly fat.


Emotional effects:

Your abdominal fat can make you feel and look bad.

Many people do not feel confident as they indulge in sexual activities.

They suffer from dissatisfaction and also low self-esteem. As a result their libido also shrink. Many women with a big belly and too much weight report that they are not satisfied with their bedroom activities.

There are other women who say that they feel ashamed and uncomfortable as their lover sees them undressed.

All these thing can happen with a man too.


How Can You Get Rid Of This Belly Fat?

People with belly fat must get rid of their excess fat to enjoy their marital life.


You must encourage your spouse to lose the fat and get back to shape. You must not pass any negative comments that will hurt your partner’s feelings and self-respect.


Follow these steps that will surely prove fruitful within a short time:

  • Join a gym.
    • If possible take a annual membership that will be easily affordable.
    • Go for cardio, abs exercises and strength training under the guidance of a physical trainer.
  • Go for foods that are rich in lean protein and high-fiber.
  • Stop eating junk food and fried snacks.
  • Take the advice of an experienced nutritionist for a well-balanced diet.

You must understand it is essential to lose lower belly fat to have a healthy life.

This fat may have serious consequences like cardiovascular diseases, unhealthy sexual life and many other psychological effects also.

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