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The wave of women’s liberation and the role of men and fathers in society is leading males along the path to becoming obsolete – and here’s why I think so.

Are Men Obsolete In Relationships?

Without question, the male role in historic society has been one of leadership as well as headship.

Maybe fuelled by testosterone from our early cavemen days where males were the largest of the human species and therefore the hunters of beasts.

Those were days of primitive instincts and low on compassion, understanding of emotions as well as empathy for our fellow earth residents.

Certainly, the family unit, from those early days, was always a strong driver within us all.

Are Men Obsolete In Relationships?
Are Men Obsolete In Relationships?

That was then and this is now.

Humans evolved and so did man’s place on the earth as well as his place in the family unit and that of his role with his mate, (usually) the woman – certainly towards what is a healthy relationship and really what a relationship is meant to be.

It’s only been in the last several decades that man’s place has really changed.

We’ve seen women’s liberation come into play – and rightly so too. We all have rights on the earth. All humans, despite gender, have individual value to give.

Balance in thinking and relationships come from equality in both genders.

Males think one way and have certain broad values and vision – equally, balance in the world, as well as the family unit, comes into play when the female has a balanced and equal perspective and input into situations.


What’s Changing – Are Men Obsolete With Women?

Men are instinctive by nature.

We’re seeing an imbalance now.

Women can fall pregnant without the need of men and, indeed, they’re able to give birth without the need for genuine sperm – that’s a real worry however it’s being done these days.

Women are allowed to have ‘Female Only’ institutions but men are forced by law to open their once male-only places of gathering to women due to equality. Very weird and imbalanced.

So the primitive nature of a woman choosing a male as a mate to father the best offspring is fast becoming a moot point – we’re moving away from what is a healthy relationship between two loving humans to one of total imbalance.

Sex is moving towards irrelevant.

A primal driver for men is being removed which is a most confusing situation.


Violent Crime By Testosterone

The majority of violent crime towards humanity is also caused by men.

It’s a sad truth and probably due to that testosterone coursing through our veins.

So what’s the likely scenario here?

As women move more and more towards governing power, they will rise to make it plainly clear that war and worldwide terror and criminality is caused by men.

Men’s fate in the future is to be obsolete, chained, and relegated to test-tubing for ongoing medical research and baby making without sex.


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17 thoughts on “Are Men Becoming Obsolete?”
  1. In a dystopian, 1984, view of the future where we give up on traditional reproduction I think men will likely come out on top. Basically all that is needed is a couple of gametes and an artificial egg. Gametes are far easier to come by in males – millions in a single toss (so to speak). Chose the two you like, put them in an artificial oocyte containing the appropriate MHC genes and place this in a cow uterus. Presto, females are no longer needed.

  2. I’m a college educated ‘successful’ male and I have to agree we’re obsolete. Women make as much as I do, if not more so my attraction as a potential breadwinner is kaput, I’m average looking which eliminates the sexual attraction element, women who prefer other women sexually seems to be exploding, women at the gym find me annoying so my personality is definitely lacking, when I have gone out with friends, women have made it clear that they don’t appreciate my presence unless I’m paying, and are thankful if I’d just go away (even after paying), which I promptly do. All this being the reason I haven’t had so much as a single date in over 14 years since I was 24. So I feel obsolete as far as women are concerned and see no options there. However being obsolete from women’s perspective doesn’t mean I am useless. I spend some of my free time as a volunteer, my work as an engineer benefits many people, I enjoy the time with my male friends and the platonic relationships I have with women and I am in excellent health. More than I can say for many male friends in relationships. Sex I can handle on my own in a way it doesn’t bother any woman, thanks to the Internet, and it’s got to the point where I’d be uncomfortable physically around a women now anyway, not that it’s anything I need to worry about LOL. So my point is that being obsolete doesn’t make us males useless or unwanted. Males are lucky in that as we age, our sex drive diminishes and I for one, look forward to that day. Maybe the next greatest discovery for us men will be a pill that does the exact opposite of Viagra and somehow suppresses testosterone. Women can still make great friends, just leave the sexual/romantic element out of it.

    1. Hey Tom. Thanks for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment, my friend.
      The article was written to be a touch tongue in cheek. Certainly there are aspects that hold true for many men and women however but only a percentage and those people are out of touch with what makes a real man (or woman).
      You do sound down in the dumps though so I was wondering whether you’d be open to joining our free community and taking the conversation to our forums area? I’d like to help and I’m equally sure the women in our community would be more than happy to help too.
      You might just find it liberating in many ways.
      How about it?

  3. Maybe men have a better sense of the soul. Maybe men don’t want to work for material things anymore. Maybe woman are mistaking men for being lazy and obsolete, because we are hip to the design. Enjoy woman, enjoy your creation.. Woman demasculinize us in marriage. go to the sperm bank.. u know what? so what! men we are obsolete lol when every fiber of us was tuned into the desires of woman since the beginning of time now they want more.. its never enough. My entire life regardless of other men admitting it was done so i could please woman. thank God i figured it out before i institutionalized myself in marriage and cut my nutts off.. God created men for a reason. i dont want to be in a feministic world. so enjoy ur corporate materialisic life and ur babies w/o sex lol

    1. Interesting comment indeed.

      There certainly does need to be a balance between genders which has been out of balance since the Feminist Movement swung it out of kilter. I get why that needed to happen, due to inequality of women. The thing is, it's now swung the other way, if you ask me.

      What exactly did you figure out though?

      My recent post Review: For Women Only – Inner Lives Of Men

  4. Experts who make claims like "men will be obsolete" vastly underestimate testosterone and how agressive men could be, just like any other animal. Men have and will tear it all down and start over if you try to kill them. Men have historically, and will again make women subservient if necessary out of necessary survival.

    If females abuse their power so will males. It is not always pretty but it is nature, and nature often uses brute force to accomplish its ends.

    Evolutionarily/biologically it is possible but people can get quite testy when you try and wipe them out. Men might just take women back to the stone age if they felt like it.

  5. Experts who make claims like "men will be obsolete" vastly underestimate testosterone and how agressive men could be, just like any other animal. Men have and will tear it all down and start over if you try to kill them. Men have historically, and will again make women subservient if necessary out of necessary survival.

    It is not always pretty but it is nature, and nature often uses brute force to accomplish its ends.

    Evolutionarily/biologically it is possible but people can get quite testy when you try and wipe them out. Men might just take women back to the stone age if they felt like it.

    If women abuse their power they may be in for a rude awakening.

    1. Thanks for visiting and the comment, Walker.

      Evolution is a wonderful thing. It can destroy as well as produce harmony through natural balance.

      I'd prefer to think that the two genders would be able to eventually sort ourselves out to a point where we actually exist and live as equals. It's why there IS such differences between men and women – balance.

  6. I really think that we have reached the point of no return. I see women like Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, and Catherine Kieu(the woman in California who drugged and cut off a man's penis just because he wanted to get a divorce) just get a slap on the wrist while men do hard time. Also, leigslation like VAWA allows women to put men in jail merely on the accusation, actual or false, of DV. The only solution for men to go Galt. This does not mean I advocate the "boy-man" solution, i.e. work for little and play video games all day(truly I personally find this to be a waste of life). Rather, to allow women to live a die by the feminist sword that they have forged in collusion with politicians that seek their votes, i.e. do not join the armed forces or police force, do not marry, but work for themselves, keep their money, enrich themselves through education, and innovate to serve their own needs, not that of the female gender. The effects of such separatism would not be realized overnight so those men who would seek instant gratification would be out of luck for, in the short terms, women would be happy. at least until things fall apart like bridges and roads or if the "Check Engine" light illuminates. Simply put, to paraphrase Ayn Rand, what would happen if the productive members of society went on strike.

  7. Martin,
    as you know I am an activist for People "Owning their Power" through acceptance of their feminine intelligence where they truly acknowledge living through their spirit rather than limited ego intelligence.
    To this end my personal journey has seen movement beyond abuse, repression and restraint core patterns held within my cellular memory.
    This is not a suck up to MrM, however I agree with everything you said and quite honestly a whole book could be written on this very subject, which it seems Jess is doing… go Jess… need support..give me a hoy.

    Now I want to comment on Violent Crime by Testosterone which firstly opens up a line of questioning. The first one being:
    Could it be the crime you speak of stems from males feeling inadequate to be a provider?
    Could it be that males feel as you have suggested that they are redundant in a once dominated male society?
    It feels to me as if these crimes are committed out of pure frustration of having no control of life and its circumstances.
    Help is always here, however everything has a reason and wake up calls come in many forms.
    Societies demands and government controls are forcing people to either work harder or commit crime.
    Education is the way out, both from a logical and spiritual empowerment focus.
    Life I believe is bringing us outside circumstances to both reflect on and adjust our way of living and being.
    Words alone can appear fancy and the only action that is important is to get down and get amongst people who really require help…. Thank God, there are many people who have been placed in these situations for help to happen.

    In my opinion, where women "generally" win out in society and its demands is they have a support network, yet it appears men's networks are more about putting on a brave face and "everything is alright mate" syndrome.
    The veils of illusion must be pierced both for men and women because quite frankly there are still too many women "out there" suffering in silence from the debilitating disease of mental and emotional abuse, which as you know I experienced both growing up and through a 30year marriage, until it was time I stood up and said "NO more"

    Has life been easy since I made this decision?
    No, it hasn't however it took me into a cycle of healing while allowing me to honour, own and value my INCREDIBLE self which as I know everybody holds within.
    I consciously chose not to have a relationship "to be provided for" or because society expected me to be in a relationship… That in itself was difficult as I found myself not being invited to couples events… etc etc… so be it… I am still glad I made that choice, as today, I am in the space of having a relationship I WANT.
    Balance and equality certainly reigns.

    So men reading this, you are not on your own, and women reading this, it is also vital for you to balance your male and female within.
    So many thoughts, so many non attached feelings are coming forth so I will let it go with what I have said in the moment.

    Martin, this would be a great subject to cover on #GoS Radio Channel.

    1. Thanks Tetka – that's one long comment. Good words of encouragement too.

      There's also areas in human behavior around happiness. Humans seem to be about the only species that are able to convince themselves that they're happy with unhappiness. And when they find happiness, they self-sabotage to revert back to unhappiness.

      In the natural order of the sexes, why would we be the species who 'think' about it being OK to be lonely when we're made to be (and share) with another?

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! Women's liberation has completely destroyed the balance as it was intended, and made it hard for those of us who prefer the traditional gender roles to find a mate who is comfortable being the leader. This is a subject very close to my heart, so I'll stop there before I say too much (grin)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Jess. Here's hoping some balance is restored.

      Since this is something close to your heart and you're obviously passionate about it, have you thought about writing a guest blog (or more)? I'd be more than happy to look at publishing on the site here. What do you think?

      1. Much as I hate to admit it before it's done, I've been working on a book on the topic… along the lines of women needing to change their mindset to help steer men back to their traditional role as leader. I'd be thrilled to have you take a look at it when it's done, and even publish part of it if you like it. Right now, I'm fighting insecurities about finishing it because I've taken more than a little riding about it. I guess I'm old fashioned (to most of my friends ways of thinking, anyway), because I actually MISS the old roles, and wish they'd be brought back – in force!

        Divorce, domestic violence, rape, even petty crime… all of these became more prevalent after the whole women's liberation movement started. When we (women in general) took away men's rights to be men, we closed the door to their natural outlets – in turn, we get more crime, more violence, and a new generation of men who are more effeminate than masculine. Pardon me for not wanting my husband to know more about window treatments and designer shoes than I do! And that's only where the problems start.

        Okay… I'm jumping down off my soapbox now before I hijack your article :p

        1. That's wonderful news on the forthcoming book, Jess.

          I feel sure the book will empower a lot of women around the world who probably feel somewhat (and wrongfully) victimised as to their role in their own lives as well as society.

          And I'd be more than happy to both check it out when it's finished, publish any of it, promote it through any guest blog (book snippets perhaps) or anything else we can agree on, to make it a success for you and real women.

        2. Forget thinking about hijacking too. That's what comments are all about, continuation, debate and dialogue is always healthy.

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