The wave of women’s liberation and the role of men and fathers in society is leading males along the path to becoming obsolete – and here’s why I think so.

Are Men Obsolete In Relationships?

Without question, the male role in historic society has been one of leadership as well as headship.

Maybe fuelled by testosterone from our early cavemen days where males were the largest of the human species and therefore the hunters of beasts.

Those were days of primitive instincts and low on compassion, understanding of emotions as well as empathy for our fellow earth residents.

Certainly, the family unit, from those early days, was always a strong driver within us all.

Are Men Obsolete In Relationships?

Are Men Obsolete In Relationships?

That was then and this is now.

Humans evolved and so did man’s place on the earth as well as his place in the family unit and that of his role with his mate, (usually) the woman – certainly towards what is a healthy relationship and really what a relationship is meant to be.

It’s only been in the last several decades that man’s place has really changed.

We’ve seen women’s liberation come into play – and rightly so too. We all have rights on the earth. All humans, despite gender, have individual value to give.

Balance in thinking and relationships come from equality in both genders.

Males think one way and have certain broad values and vision – equally, balance in the world, as well as the family unit, comes into play when the female has a balanced and equal perspective and input into situations.


What’s Changing – Are Men Obsolete With Women?

Men are instinctive by nature.

We’re seeing an imbalance now.

Women can fall pregnant without the need of men and, indeed, they’re able to give birth without the need for genuine sperm – that’s a real worry however it’s being done these days.

Women are allowed to have ‘Female Only’ institutions but men are forced by law to open their once male-only places of gathering to women due to equality. Very weird and imbalanced.

So the primitive nature of a woman choosing a male as a mate to father the best offspring is fast becoming a moot point – we’re moving away from what is a healthy relationship between two loving humans to one of total imbalance.

Sex is moving towards irrelevant.

A primal driver for men is being removed which is a most confusing situation.


Violent Crime By Testosterone

The majority of violent crime towards humanity is also caused by men.

It’s a sad truth and probably due to that testosterone coursing through our veins.

So what’s the likely scenario here?

As women move more and more towards governing power, they will rise to make it plainly clear that war and worldwide terror and criminality is caused by men.

Men’s fate in the future is to be obsolete, chained, and relegated to test-tubing for ongoing medical research and baby making without sex.


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