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Women’s Liberation and Beyond

I’m writing this post in response to Why Men Are Obsolete.

The human race needed to evolve and roles within the the community and family unit dictated survival.

From my point of view, it’s women who might soon become obsolete, and here’s my reasoning.


Where’s the relationship starting to go wrong?

As far as I can see, we girls have crawled from under the heels of a dominating male influence that’s been in power for eons.

Yes, we’ve been subservient since the dawn of ‘man’.

Back in those days, I’d agree it was probably due to the males’ strong and larger, more powerful body and endurance.

The human race needed to evolve and roles within the community and family unit dictated survival.

This led to women needing to be nurturers of children for the welfare as well as the continuity of the human species.

And, yes, I certainly also agree with the reasoning and decision-making of how a woman looks at the qualities of picking a potential mate, to ensure offspring are borne with the very best of survival qualities.


The age of women’s liberation and beyond

So now we’ve reached the age of beyond women’s liberation. We’ve finally come out from beyond the shadows of a man and are now reaching equality.

Personally, I think the women’s movement has gone too far. We’re starting to alienate who we’ve wanted to treat us fairly and this has moved towards treating them unfairly.

We love their male energy.

Our children need the balance of feminine as well as masculine and we all secretly love being ladies and having the door opened for us or a man’s seat given up for us – though we’re unlikely to publicly say so.

That said, here’s why women are going to become obsolete.

  • Guys just desire to “get along” and avoid confrontational situations.
    • You know as well as I do, they want us to feel safe, happy, and secure.
    • What do we do in return?
      • A lot of us withhold our sexual equality and giving, from our guys, if the situation (in our minds) demands it.
    • Unfortunately, there’s rarely a realistic situation where we should do this – we use this power for our own gain.
  • What’s happening?
  • We continually undermine their position with unrealistic dreams.
    • With our desire to have our knight in shining armor, we’re internally never really satisfied with what we have. Our men are in a state of continual confusion which is unfair.
    • Ladies: The real relationship tip here is actually to see your man as your knight.
      • He wants you to be the happiest you can be with him.
  • We all need a level of balance and understanding.
    • You know as well as I do, the genders think differently.
      • However, what’s critical here is we desire the same thing – love, togetherness, and a soulmate for life.
    • It’s in the ‘knowing’ your guy thinks this way too, that is our salvation for the future.

So ladies, let’s unite WITH our men and keep us both from becoming obsolete.

Men and Women have places beside each other


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