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How To Destress Your Life

These days we’re all constantly bombarded with messages to eat healthier, quit bad habits and get more exercise.

It’s also important to look after your mental health.

Your mental health is every bit as important as your bodily health, but there’s also a huge taboo around it that means many people are reluctant to seek help when they’re facing problems.

destress your life
Some tips on how best to destress your life

Making sure that you have a healthy state of mind is an admirable thing to do.

Stress can be a serious mental health problem for a lot of people.

Most of us tend to shrug it off as the cost of living, or try to beat the stress into submission with alcohol, cigarettes or chocolate, which isn’t great for your mental or physical health.

Fortunately there are other ways to deal with it if, well,, you feel like you’re having trouble dealing.


Such as:

Identifying What Is Making You Stressed

Many people have triggers that can immediately wind them up, so that often you’ll feel aggravated about one thing, when the reason for it is something else entirely.

You might be getting more irritated than usual with the children playing loudly, because you’re actually worrying about money.

Look carefully at the times and places you feel yourself getting wound up, and see if there’s any way to better deal with those situations.


Try a Calming Diet

As we’ve already said, chocolate, beer and coffee are not the anti-stress medications they’re sometimes made out to be.

However, by shifting your diet to include less sugar, caffeine and nicotine, and more green vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and pulses, you will find yourself feel calmer.


Exercise a Little

Exercise is a great way to release stress, helping you vent some of those pent up fight or flight responses.

Don’t overdo it however, as too much or too intense exercise can cause your body to release cortisol, a hormone associated with causing stress.


Laugh To Destress

A horse walks into a crow bar.

“Ouch!” he says, because crow bars are too small for horses.


Don’t you feel better already?

Of course you don’t, that was a terrible joke.

But laughter is a great pressure valve for stress, activating your stress response and then almost immediately cooling it down, leaving you relaxed and full of endorphins.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes it really is worth just bringing in some professional help.


This needn’t look like a cartoon psychotherapist.

Counselling can take many forms, but most of them circle around the idea of simply giving you space and time to talk, without fear of being judged. A quick look around will show that are lots of great counsellors in East Sussex and elsewhere. Give them a ring and arrange an appointment.

For a lot of people even one or two sessions can make a huge difference.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Sam Wright is a freelance writer who works with Rachel Miller, a psychotherapist in London.

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