It is ok to have troubles in a relationship

Effective Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy can be an effective approach for a troublesome marriage.

Marriage therapy can offer many benefits for your marriage.

But you need to find a therapist that you and your partner can trust, feel comfortable around and allow to help you and your partner work through all the problems.

it makes sense to get marriage therapy early
It makes sense to get marriage therapy early


Marriage Therapy Benefits

There are many benefits with marriage therapy, which include:

A marriage therapist will be able to let you voice what is exactly on your mind, without any interruptions or judgments.

It’s always nice to be able to talk to one of your close friends or family member about your marriage problems, but many times this can cause additional marriage problems.

Sharing your marriage problems with a friend or family member can open up a new can of problems.

Resentment can occur and it’s never good to discuss personal marriage problems with someone that knows you and your spouse.

When you go to an outside marriage therapy, then you have expert guidance and advice given.

The therapists are professionals who are trained to listen and assist you for all the problems for both parties of the marriage and not just one.

It can require some help to learn to forgive
It can require some help to learn to forgive


Myths about Marriage Therapy

Myth – Marriage Therapy is for unintelligent couples.

Fact – Marriage therapy is an excellent tool for everyone. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, educated or wealthy you are.

If you are having a problem with your marriage and you have tried everything, then marriage therapy can help.


Myth – Marriage therapists just want your money.

Fact – Marriage therapist is only concerned about helping couples resolve their marital issues.

It’s not about the money.

The therapists are compassionate about helping others and are dedicated in the family and marriage area.


Myth – Marriage therapist is for whiney couples.

Fact – Marriage therapy is for everyone.

It doesn’t mean you are weak, because you want to restore and repair your marriage.

It means you are smart enough to know there is a problem and you and your spouse have not been able to figure out the problem.


Marriage therapy brings a married couple together who want to learn how to work through their problems, differences and learn how to communicate, love and solve problems that can and are occurring in their marriage.


Choosing Marriage Therapy

When you and your spouse have decided to choose marriage therapy, then before you pick a therapist make sure you can answer these important questions:

  • Does the therapist care about us and our marriage problems?
  • Do you both feel comfortable with the therapists?
  • Can you and your spouse open up and be honest with the therapist?
  • Does the therapist seem to listen?
  • Does the therapist criticize or judge you?
  • Are you allowed to share your feelings with the therapist?
  • Do you and your spouse like the therapists?
  • Can you openly discuss all issues with the therapist?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to all the questions, then this is probably the perfect marriage therapist for you and your spouse.

The first couple of therapy sessions will be a time where the therapist will learn about you, your spouse and your marriage.

The therapy sessions can last from a half an hour to an hour, depending on issues being discussed.

The therapists may want to set up goals for the marriage and therapy. It will allow the therapist to measure the progress of the marriage therapy.

Marriage therapy can help all couples. Your marriage doesn’t have to be in crisis, but you can go to marriage therapy at any time during your marriage.


What’s Your Opinion?

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  • How did you find yours? Was it easy for you?
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2 thoughts on “How Marriage Therapy Can Help”
  1. I worked six days a week twelve.or more hours a day for almost 22yrs during my marriage to support our kids, now don’t get me wrong I’d do it again but maybe this time with a little help from the other half…
    I do have and been told by several people including my own children that I don’t know when to stop, working that is, I’ll go until I fall down and get back up to dons omega more, unhealthy I know and I’m trying my best not to continue that behavior I know it was hard on my marriage but not why I divorced her, not why it fell apart, divorced now coming up on 8yrs I am trying to improve myself to be a better husband, this site is really been a good start poimt.

    1. The best thing about your comment Matthew is you realise mistakes have been made and changes within yourself are a good idea.
      Take it slow. Ask your friends what they honestly think could be a good starting point – have an open mind and change what feels right for yourself.

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