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Moving From Home Can Be a Real Challenge!

Moving from one place to another has its difficulties but when we say moving to a big city for college at a very young age is more challenging.


Here are 13 tips on how to make it easier.

1. Options.

Most ‘soon-to-be college students’ select schools because their friends are going there too.

Somehow that is normally the typical thing that happens to new high school grad students but practically, you have to choose a college that signifies you.


2. Inquire.

You have to also base your options on other people’s experiences to make sure that you are really going to the right place.

Research the whereabouts and neighborhood of the school to make sure that everything is convenient for you especially stores and diners.


3. Place to stay.

college friends and romance
College is a great place to make friends
As well as, potentially, great romance

This is actually one of the things that teenagers are having a hard time choosing because it is fun to stay on campus but it is much easier and more freedom if you stay off-campus.

Well, both have their pros and cons but you have to decide for yourself because it is still you who will choose.

Considerations matter a lot and you need to have roommates instead of living alone because it is hard to live in a big city if you are alone.


4. Choose the right stuff.

When moving, you need new furniture if the place that you are moving in is not completely furnished.

You do not need luxury bedroom furniture to complete the setup.

Just purchase stuff in the furniture store that is really necessary for your room.


5. Be practical.

Moving alone in a big city may trigger lots of expenses and you need to budget your expenditures if you are on a tight budget.

“Spend wisely” is a very important saying.


6. Work.

Most college students are likely independent and would want to get a job instead of asking monthly allowance from their parents.

It is vital that you have extra income for your emergency fund.


7. Car or public transportation.

For someone who will be moving to a larger city, having your own ride is a must but if you are used to public transportation then it would be an easier journey.

Go with friends if it is your first time.

You will get used to it as time goes by.


8. New fashion.

Small town people do not normally care what you are wearing but people in the big city are typically looking up to fashion, so just jive a little bit on the fashion but that does not necessarily ask you to buy a new clothing line.

Who knows you might be the most fashionable in your hometown when you go home.


9. Friends.

Seek new friends because college will not be memorable without new people in your life.

Don’t get fixated with your high school peers because you might end up having a lonely college life. Finding friends in a new place especially in a big city can be hard because you need to adjust to the new environment, as well as the culture that they have.

Don’t limit yourself to one or two friends.

You might lose one and end up got nothing.


10. Homecomings.

First few months or even a year, you always need to go home.

But as time goes by, trips going home are a bit hard for you because of some school activities and other work that might be coming your way.

When you get the chance, enjoy every trip that you got and make the most out of it especially during long weekends and holidays.


11. Problems.

Going to college is tough so problems can be all over the place.

Friends and family back home are just a few emails and texts away. You can even call them all the time if you need them.

Remember that your family and friends back home are very fascinated about how you are coping with the new life in the big city.


12. Life is a journey.

Finding yourself in a different place and away from home can be very difficult but don’t worry all of us are entitled to experience new things in life.

Just carry on and be the best that you can be away from home. Who knows, you might be the most successful person in your hometown.

Hold on and make the most out of your life.


13. Always look back.

You might be away for quite some time but you will always cherish the things that you had when you were in your grown-up years.

Cherish your hometown because it is a place where your dreams started.


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13 Tips to Make Your Life Easier Away from Home And Stay Happy 1

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8 thoughts on “13 Tips to Make Your Life Easier Away from Home And Stay Happy”
  1. Most teenagers look forward to going to College and the experience of living on their own. I am speaking from the point of view of parents and I must admit it’s more difficult for the parents to let go of their children. But of course, we need to support and trust them so they can also enjoy a new life ahead of them.

    1. Totally the anxiety of most parents. It is hard for them to let go of their children easily. But parents should really support and understand the need to let go to make their children independent. Thanks for your thoughts Kelly as well as Stacey. :)

  2. Naturally, a person who’s away from that familiar place he calls home will feel a bit sad and homesick. But to counter the effects of homesickness, you’ll have to be creative. there are so many things you can do while away from home. Blog about it for instance.

    1. That’s what I am actually doing right now. :) I am away from home and need to do something to make myself productive as well as inspiring. :)

  3. Being away from home for College is so much different now than during my time — I’d say it’s easier these days because of technology. With emails and chats and video calls, it could feel like you’re never far away from home. Invest in a few gadgets not just to follow the trends but these are really cool ways to stay in touch with friends and love ones back home.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Sandra. I strongly agree with your point about investing on gadgets not because you want to fit in or be in. You need them to communicate with your family of course.

  4. Trying out new things when you’re away from home is one of the best things that you can do to combat boredom and homesickness. I moved out of my parents’ house when I was still in college and I worked part-time to help pay for my expenses, that’s how I learned to become independent. You’ll love the experience. Just be creative, never lose your patience, and most of all, never lose hope.

    1. That was really awesome, Kristine. I bet your parents are so proud of you. I so appreciate your thoughts and sharing your experiences. Don’t lose your patience and never lose hope is really the two things that we need when we are away from home.

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