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Get out the Ring Hunting Sniffer Dogs

Guys, this is important:

If you’re about to propose to your girlfriend, you’d better not show up with a lame ring.  

Offering an oval stone set in yellow gold to a woman who prefers princess cuts and platinum – well, that’s like buying your buddy L.A. Lakers season tickets when he lives in Brooklyn.

You don’t want to look like a chump.

So it’s time for you to get all Sherlock Holmes and figure out what this woman wants.

engagement ring ideas need to be investigated
Engagement ring ideas need to be investigated


Start Sleuthing

Before you ask her friends and family for advice, take a look at your girlfriend’s wardrobe (meaning, just be observant; you don’t really need to go rifling through her closet).

If you have never, ever seen your girlfriend in a dress or a skirt, and she rarely wears jewelry, odds are she doesn’t want a big, fat diamond on her finger.

But if she’s got shoes and purses in every color of the rainbow and a sparkly iPhone case, you’d better start saving up for some serious bling.

Figuring out what type of metal she likes should be relatively easy.

Does she wear mostly silver jewelry?

Then she’ll want a white gold, palladium or platinum engagement ring. If she wears yellow gold, then, duh – get her yellow gold.

And if your detective work didn’t turn up enough clues in this category, here’s a simple rule:

Women who wear warm colors (browns, reds, yellows), will probably prefer yellow gold; women who wear cool colors (blue, green) tend to like silver-colored metals.


Talk to Persons of Interest

Your girlfriend probably has a few friends who know her style, and as long as you can trust them not to blab about it, ask them for ring suggestions.

They may use words and terms you don’t really understand, like, “pavé,” or “French-set,” or “Asscher-cut.” But you can always act like you know what they’re saying, then Google it later (and maybe turn on Safe Search mode before you look up “Asscher”).

An important note here: 

As you talk to your girlfriend’s pals, ask them to kindly refrain from making vague Facebook posts, like, “Oooh, I know something exciting!” or “Someone’s about to get a big surprise!”

Some people can keep a secret – but just barely.


Send in a Spy

If you’re still having a hard time figuring out your girlfriend’s preferences, get her best friend to probe for more information. For example, she could ask in casual conversation, “Have you seen Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring?” Your girlfriend might say:

– No, and I don’t care about it.

– No. What’s it look like?

– Yes! It’s soooo gorgeous!

– Yeah, I saw it. It’s obnoxious.

It may be best to arm your spy with the latest issue of People or some other celebrity rag, so she can actually show your girlfriend some pictures of dazzling celebrity engagement rings and see how she reacts.


Turn on the TV

You’ve tried all these tricks, and you’re still not sure what your girlfriend wants.


Maybe your old friend TV can help you – but this will take some clever timing, and just a little bit of acting talent.

Arrange to be “napping” on the couch with a bridal reality show on in the background – “A Wedding Story” on the TLC Network shouldn’t be too painful for you.

Or steel yourself for WE tv’s “Bridezillas.” Reality shows – no matter how irritating – seem to lure people in, so your hope here is that your girlfriend will naturally drift into the room, plop down on the couch and start watching.

Pay attention to any commentary from her – you may very well pick up an important clue about the kind of bridal style she prefers.


Close the Case

You’ll eventually figure out what your girlfriend wants.

Just take your time, ask around and be observant, and you won’t be that guy that botches a proposal with the wrong ring.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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