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The Ring and You

Engagement rings speak volumes about who we are and what we like.

Some of us will choose to be different and some of us will choose to remain at the top of whatever is latest in trend.

This itself puts our choices forth us and reflects the kind of people we are.

Check out below, more aspects of engagement that tell more about us.

What shapes of the stones say about you?

It’s not just a random theory every stone shape in fact has a meaning ascribed to it.

Here’s what different shapes symbolize:


Classic Round

The classic round is the most popular shape and for good reasons – it represents endless love.

Consisting of 58 facets the stones in the ring are bound to have excellent sparkle something we all wish to have.

What it symbolizes about the wearer is that he/she has a fuss free approach towards styles and fashion.

… and usually drawn more towards traditional romance.

Classic Round

The Oval

The oval shape represents creativity and individuality.

The elongated shape of the diamonds is a sophisticated choice for brides looking for something elegant, stylish and unique.

Ovals can have as many facets as the rounds and sparkle with the same classic shine.

People with such preference are therefore traditional, but looking for an occasional change.

The Oval

The Princess

Princess cut combines classic sparkle with a modern shape.

It is believed that people who’d go for a princess cut revel in attention and fun.

They like to be the center of attention everywhere they go.

This is why adore the brilliant sparkle of the princess stones.

The square of the princess cut adorns sparkle entwined with a chic shape.

It brings an enliven change to one’s monotony.

The Princess

The Marquise

The Marquise is one of the best at its sparkle and size.

It has the greatest size per carat weight and hence manages to appear a tad bit bigger than its actual size.

Its elongation lengthens the ring which makes it create the illusion of being bigger than other stones of the same size.

The Marquise

The Emerald

The emerald derives inspiration from the stunning green gemstones.

Its elongated shape holds more clarity and the stone shape is fine looking, but not one that will sparkle brilliantly like other shapes such as round and since the ring is dramatic and bold because of being low on shimmer.

People who choose it for their engagement are believed to be more confident and have an affinity towards everything vintage.

The Emerald

The Teardrop

The teardrop or what is more popularly known as pear shape, is inspired from oval and marquise shapes of diamonds and stones.

It features a rounded corner and a pointed corner.

The wearer can create different looks by placing the pointed end inwards or outwards.

It’s truly meant for people who wish to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement of it.

If set in a halo, teardrops make a showstopper engagement ring.

The Teardrop

The Cushion

What’s seen to be one of the most royal shapes of diamond rings, the cushions recently got more footage when it featured as Daisy Buchanan’s engagement ring in ‘The Great Gatsby.’

Its antique design evokes the glamour of the early twentieth century.

Similar to the round shape, it carries a more distinctive design.

Wearers of this design are considered to be highly romantic and elegant with an affinity for vintage luxury.

The Cushion


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4 thoughts on “What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?”
  1. Hey Mike,
    A good friend just pointed out you’ve neglected to plain the personality profile of the Marquise ring shape so you need to add a bit more, mate.
    She has a marquise in case you didn’t guess :)

  2. Nice post! I don’t have an engagement ring yet (not too excited, too) but I think my personality would be best described by the Princess or the Cushion. :)

  3. Rings are the best element that defines the how much you love and and think about your partner there shape and price can define the parameters of love

    1. I’d like to believe that love is more than a material object like a ring, Mike.
      If two people have got the right foundation in place, the right engagement ring is certainly a symbol though.

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